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New Moon in Gemini

Gemini New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Gemini

Self-Expression and Talent Development


May 30th, 2022


Firstly, be sure to check which planets fall in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces in your natal chart! It's a Gemini New Moon, and here is all you need to know.


Key qualities: -

● Gemini is a sign of duality, ruled by the Twins. This literally represents logic VS intuition, masculine VS feminine (energies), yang VS yin, light VS dark or the shadow self, and the Sun VS the Moon. Evaluate how polar opposites or opposing forces play out in your life, because now is a time for balance and unification.

● Gemini is an air sign who knows how to speak, think, internalise, and debate. They´re very intelligent and sharp-minded, yet often lack emotional vulnerability and honesty- with themselves and others. Work on how you can be more authentic in your emotions and expression- sharing- and bring hidden feelings into the light, which will naturally amplify your mental abilities!

● Colourful, creative, inquisitive, communicative, and adaptable, Gemini possesses a real creative spirit. Find ways to access your imagination and artistic and “higher mind” abilities.


Self-Expression and Individuality

You're really feeling the pull towards individuality and expressing your personal identity, beliefs, talents, and inner feelings. Gemini is not traditionally an emotional sign, and they're known for being aloof and emotionally detached at times, however this loving and affectionate sign actually has some pretty deep and intense feelings. Gemini is affectionate, playful, creative, intimacy loving, loyal, and very open to romance and companionship.

Expressing your personal desires and needs to those in your close orbit and on a larger scale in your community or social circles will be high on your priority list. This Gemini moon is all about your personal commitment to yourself, and this includes your psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. If you´ve been blocked or felt like you´ve been unable to express everything within- the “inside” and hidden stuff- now is the time to release. Let go of the need to be liked by everyone, or the fear of being judged. This prevents authenticity, and a lack of authenticity leads to all sorts of problems. Relationships only thrive when you're communicating freely and transparently. Finances and abundance increase and amplify from authenticity as well.

Social, communication, and interpersonal relating skills can all be improved with a transparent dedication to yourself; to speaking your truth, expressing your emotions, and being clear and open with others. Business, romantic, family, platonic, and community relationships and connections will all considerably get a level up if you commit yourself to self-development in this area. Further, creativity and your ability to engage in innovation, artistic and imaginative projects, and conscious co-creation with both the universe directly and others are linked to your sense of individuality and capacity for self-expression. Dream big and let creative channels soar. Try to cut out anything in the world that doesn't serve your best interests, like ignorance, drama, and unnecessary energies and interactions (gossip, mindless speech, lethargy, old cycle you´ve already overcome!).


Lose the Opinions… Go to Multiple Perspectives!

You´re being presented with an opportunity to lose the need for opinions and evolve and transcend to seeing multiple perspectives. There is a huge difference between opinion and perspective, and wise and intelligent people know this. Opinions stem from a need to judge, be right, or create separation, a hierarchy of superiority and inferiority where someone is better based one someone's judgement. Perspective is a combination of wisdom, intuition, discernment, and knowledge birthed from life experience and reflection. Also, higher intelligence!

As Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger planet, meaning communication and the way you express your ideas, views, beliefs, emotions, talents, gifts, and wisdom; this is an excellent cycle to seek self-development in these areas. You´re given a chance for a “level up” and self-evolution that allows you to move forward, ascend and become self-mastered for personal and professional victory.

There´s great courage to go after your goals and enter new ventures, projects, and enterprise, and this is thanks to an alignment between Mars and Jupiter in Aries, which happens just before the New Moon. Jupiter represents luck, abundance, good fortune, expansion, and abundance; Aries is the passionate go-getter with immense drive! Mars, of course, is the planet of action and energy himself (also ruling Aries). So, it's no wonder you will find an increase in life force and strong desire to go after your passions, with innovation, confidence, and intellectual and on point communicative abilities.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Gemini:

Aries: “I take pride in my mind and intellect and speak with integrity and boldness.”

Taurus: “I embrace my emotional and psychological desires, aiming for balance and harmony.”

Gemini: “My light shines when I connect to my truth, feelings, and authentic needs and wants.”

Cancer: “Vulnerable self-expression combined with inner strength and assertion is a recipe for success!”

Leo: “My perceived weaknesses are a direct line to the divine, my strengths, and personal growth.”

Virgo: “Authentic and honest communication allows me to be respected in my community.”

Libra: “A brilliant mind balanced with emotional openness and honesty helps me thrive.”

Scorpio: “Calmness and peace fills my life when I express myself freely and truthfully.”

Sagittarius: “I find my muse and inspirations and give respect to them; dishonesty serves no-one.”

Capricorn: “Clarity of mind and powerful communication arises from emotional intelligence!”

Aquarius: “I don't have to become co-dependent to share, connect, and be vulnerable.”

Pisces: “Soulful intentions balanced with assertive and masculine expression lets me be free…”

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