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New Moon in Leo

Leo New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Leo

Boldness, Courage and Seeking the Spotlight


August 8th, 2021


This is the most fiery and dramatic New Moon of the month. We’re all feeling the need to shine and be seen, although it’s not just a need; it’s a burning desire! Leo is the sign of passion, creativity, intensity, and self-expression, but this sign also represents the ego, self-centeredness, and dominance. There are dos and don’ts for this New Moon, so read on to find out more. As a Fixed sign, check out what planets (in your natal chart) fall in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This is your key to self-mastery this month.


Key qualities of Leo: -

● Leo rules the 5th house of creativity, children, play, drama, and the Arts. You will find yourself wanting to express yourself boldly and brilliantly- you will certainly be wanting the limelight! Drama, tantrums, temperaments, and theatrics are all common, yet so is the ability to truly shine. Show off and share your talents, artistic gifts, and unique abilities because this Leo moon calls for glitz and glamour.

● Ruled by the Sun, Leo is both the sign of the ego and the heart. Leos have humongous hearts, they’re selfless and devoted and extremely generous, kind and giving. They’re benevolent, sincere, and protective of loved ones. They’re also egotistical, overpowering, attention-seeking and bullyish. So, take this as you will… Inner strength is available for access, and how you channel it is up to you.

● Other key qualities include being loyal, passionate, unconditional loving, romantic, expressive, playful, ambitious, affectionate, determined, hard-working and self-initiating (they are natural leaders).


Imagine, Create, Express

It’s time to be bold and let your creativity out to play. Everything associated with the 5th house is lit up during this New Moon. Musical, artistic, imaginative, and creative expression are all ways to access your own intuition, personal power, and multi-talented nature. And, to connect with like-minded souls in your community or tribe! Seek out positive expressions of drama. This means no theatrics, dramatic outbursts, or egotistical displays of domination or arrogance. This is the shadow side of Leo which can come to light.

The best way to make sure the positive aspects of the Leo personality influence your life is to take some time for meditation and self-alignment. Transform selfishness into positive self-centeredness, the art of being centered with healthy boundaries and high self-esteem. Balancing your inner yin (coolness, calmness, peace) with yang (fire, action, dominance) is ideal. There’s a tendency to be so fiery and egocentric that we may unconsciously alienate others or create chaos.

Gentle healing activities like movement, self-expressive dance, yoga, martial arts, meditation and imaginative pathways to the self-do a number of great things. Firstly, they allow you to cool down and embody grace and charm- any healing is a step towards wholeness and harmony. Secondly, they help to ease stress, release tension, and increase positivity within. Energetic channels and pathways open so you can let energy flow, there’s considerable release and transformation involved in dance, movement, mediation, etc.


Take to the Stage

This is literally the time to take to the stage, to be brave and fearless and take your poetry book or guitar on a stage and perform. Performance, speaking, teaching, inspiring through creativity and art, and entertaining others all come under the 5th house. Leo’s energy makes us drawn to the limelight in a magnetic and electric way. There’s both an unexplainable magnetic pull and an electric buzz!

Connect with kindred spirits and people with similar interests and passions. Rekindle a project or start a new highly charged venture with someone you trust, energetically as well as physically. Shared projects favor strongly while joining forces with other inspired and inspirational people are ways to win in life, feel good about yourself, and create abundance and new opportunities for the future. Essentially, be like a lion, bold and courageous with a desire for self-preservation.


Don’t Give In...

Don’t give into lethargy and laziness either. The dual aspect of lions (Leo’s ruling glyph and spirit animal) is that they can happily spend their days lazing around in the sun. Moving for occasional play and food is great, but there’s so much more available for you. Life force, zest, vitality, optimism and a perpetual flow of energy are effortlessly accessible. Money, work, personal, health, and relationship goals and projects can all be energized, and this really is one of the most energetic months of the year. (It’s Leo season as well as a New Moon in Leo.)

Speaking of taking charge and living up to your fullest potential, are there any childhood wounds you’ve left to heal? A New Moon in Leo is the ideal time to heal yourself through action and self-expression. This isn’t like a New Moon in Cancer or Pisces, for example, where you can heal emotional and psychological wounds and pain through introspection and spirituality. Leo is bold, fiery and independent, they take action and “do.” Use your mind, body and spirit to move, let go, heal, energize, understand and release. Play with your senses! Let yourself explore your entire being, from your past to present self, and your future self.

There are many routes back to happiness and health… joy is one of the fastest. Also, consider doing laughter yoga or connecting with children. Anything that lets your inner child roam free leads to victory.


Social Grace and Charm

Finally, just so there’s no confusion as to how much drama and ego displays, we’re bound to see leading up to and after the New Moon in Leo, amp up your personal charm and social grace levels. If you’re not feeling going completely wild and dressing in colors and a free-spirited, bohemian, type of way, aim for class and sophistication. Dress classy, be savvy, and stay cultured. This will naturally align your mind to a specific vibration. We’re more likely to speak mindfully and behave accordingly when we create our physical appearance to a certain ‘standard.’

Anyway, just look at the majestic lions in their natural habitat; they glisten and glow like gold, yet they know their roar can intimidate and frighten beyond belief. To their kin, they are loving, affectionate and playful and seek to create harmony, not destroy. Strive for this.


Blessings, Cecelia

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