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New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo: Harness your Creative Potential

On August 18th or August 19th, depending on where you live, we are witnessing a New Moon in Leo: this celestial event is happening at 26°35’ of the sign of the Lion.

Each month, the New Moon offers us the precious opportunity to start over and begin a new cycle of growth and evolution. The energy of New Moons is perfect for setting intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. Clear your mind, focus on what you want to manifest and why, make sure to do so from a place of authenticity and self-love.

The two weeks between a Full Moon and the following New Moon represent a time for introspection, rest, and release of what we no longer want to carry with us. On the contrary, the two weeks immediately after the New Moon, and before the next Full Moon, are the moment to take focused and conscious action, directed towards a specific goal.

The cosmic energies of the moment are inviting us to think well about what we want to manifest, and to decide the best way to move towards that direction.

Fire New Moon: Transformation and Purification

Leo is a Fixed Fire archetype, with a Yang or masculine energy. Leo natives are famous for their loyalty, vitality, optimism, and enthusiasm. Several planets are currently in Fire signs: Mercury is conjunct Sun and Moon in Leo, while Mars is in Aries, forming a supportive trine to the New Moon.

Fire is a tremendously transformative element: it allows us to purify ourselves from everything that keeps us in a state of disempowerment, from everything that holds us back from expressing our full potential. Fire is related to our sexual and creative energy, to our passion and zeal, to our desire to experience everything that life can offer.

On this New Moon, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the abundant Fire energy available to us to clear our way from all obstacles and limitations. We have the chance to transmute any unresolved emotion that is holding us back from expressing our full potential, from becoming who we truly are.

Reveal Yourself to the World

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac: it follows the phase of inner exploration corresponding to Cancer, through which we become conscious of our emotions and feelings.

Once we know ourselves, and we are aware of what we feel and need, we are ready to present ourselves to the world around us: this is the mission and the purpose of Leo. After a period of emotional processing and deep inner work, we feel the need to externalize our focus and reveal ourselves to everyone around us. We want to shine, to be seen and appreciated; we feel the desire to show our talents and skills to others.

This New Moon in Leo inspires us to value ourselves and to believe in our capacities fully. When we accept our individuality unapologetically and feel completely free to be who we are, we automatically inspire and motivate others to do the same.

Some of the shadows of Leo are vanity, superficiality, egocentrism, and need for external validation. During these days, it is crucial to make sure that we are not sharing ourselves and our talents because we need someone's attention or approval.

A healthy expression of the Leo archetype comes from a place of authenticity, genuine generosity, and unshakable self-love, independent of any external condition.

Cultivate Joy

Leo in Astrology is the sign associated with children and with our inner child, the playful and cheerful part of ourselves that we may have forgotten long ago. This New Moon is an invitation to consciously have fun, play, engage in activities that bring us joy, and appreciate the small pleasures of life.

During these uncertain times, it is extremely easy to be in a constant state of worry, anxiety, and fear for the future. The New Moon in Leo is inviting us to remember our natural state of being, the state of innocence, enthusiasm, and joy that children who grow up in a safe environment express effortlessly.

Despite our life situation, we can always make choices that have the power to change our emotional and mental state. This New Moon is an invitation to find something that makes you feel good, that stimulates your enthusiasm and your trust in the Universe, and make a conscious effort to dedicate more time to it.

Harness Your Creative Potential

Creativity is not a talent that only a few selected individuals possess, or something exclusively for artists. It can be cultivated by everybody and improved with practice and devotion, like everything else.

All of us, in our daily life, face the necessity to come up with fresh solutions when we have to solve a problem, decide to start a business, when we deal with children, or we choose to reinvent ourselves.

This cosmic event is encouraging us to take part in any activity that allows us to harness our creativity and cultivate playfulness: sports, music, dance, writing, theater, anything that gives us the chance to express ourselves and release the excess emotional energy.

Engaging in something that allows us to enter a state of flow not only changes our vibration: it has an immediate impact on the people around us too.

The New Moon in Leo ultimately reminds us that our creative potential is much broader than we imagine. We all have the possibility to tune into the universal source of infinite creative energy and enter the space where the real magic happens.

Blessings, Cecelia

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