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New Moon in Libra

Libra New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Libra:

Synchronicity & Social Charm


October 6th 2021: 7:05am EST

October is both Libra season with the Sun in this balanced and art loving sign, and with a New Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of justice and social grace, fairness and equality, and peace and diplomacy. But Libra is also highly intellectual and observational, with key mental gifts and qualities. Further, this harmonious air sign has a strong feminine energy, being ruled by Venus, with a deep love of the Arts, music, imaginative and creative expression, and beauty…. Sensuality too! Throw all of this into the mix and you will find a positive and colourful new moon full of potential for new opportunities.

Do any of the planets from your birth chart fall in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? All the Cardinal signs are highlighted at this time, so knowing your natal chart placements can help you find greater clarity and wisdom.


Key qualities of Libra:-

● ‘The Scales’ is Libra’s ruling glyph, a symbol of this sign’s strive towards balance, harmony and cooperation. Libra values friendships and social ties above most things- they have a harmonious disposition and make wonderful peace-keepers, diplomats, counsellors and judges of character. Balance combined with inner harmony leading to outer harmony and wholeness are strong themes of this New Moon.

● Venus brings forth your need for beauty, sensual self-expression, romance and pleasure in your life, as Venus is Libra’s planetary ruler. Find time to connect to these aspects of you including self-care and self-love. If you’re coupled up or currently have a lover and soulmate in your life, engage in romance and deeper intimacy. Also, find ways to make music, art or creativity together! If you’re single and going solo for a while, engage in self-pleasure… both of the platonically intimate and sexual variety.

● As an air sign, the qualities of intellect, logic, reason, observational and analytical skills, fine-tuned perception, and imaginative and intuitive gifts are all brought into focus, and are more easily accessible!


Social Engagement, Communication Skills

A major aspect of this lunar cycle and new moon is the effect it’s having on your communication. And, your desire for social engagement and interaction. Communication skills will be brought to the forefront, and this includes social grace and charm, personal levels of confidence, and the ability to communicate mindfully, truthfully and empathically. Libra values truth and honesty just as much as they’re capable of displaying sincere levels of empathy & compassion.

Seek out opportunities to step into this self-expressive chapter, or be courageous and own up if you’ve been putting something off. Significant conversations are the key in your life right now, social bonds are the root of your success! This isn’t the time to go solo or withdraw into hermit mode (although conscious and healthy bouts of introspection for self-development are always good). Nurture and nourish the close relationships in your life whether they be business partnerships, romantic bonds, family and friendship connections, and new “potentials.”

Commit to expressing the energy of the Scales. Teamwork, harmony, compromise and understanding gained through real experience are great things to meditate on. Visualize yourself standing in gold, surrounded by people who support you and share in your mission, service or long-term plan. This is a very positive lunar cycle rich with unlimited possibilities for abundance, wealth manifestation, new connections and even educational & travel opportunities. You will find your horizons naturally being broadened through social interactions infused with mindful, on point, communication.


Synchronicity, Beauty and Romance...

… With some divine soul expression! Everything Venus ruled rises to the surface on and after this New Moon. A deep and unexplainable desire for harmony, love, romance, beauty and soul expressions fills your life; it is inescapable. Make the most of it because the Full Moon in Aries later on is a completely different story. The Libra New Moon makes you want to get in tune with yourself, your soul, and your innermost psyche- and then express its creative potential to the world. Creation is life, Source is creation and so is God, the benevolent powers of the universe, and Spirit.

Aim for beauty, balance and divinity in all you do. If you’re blessed with free time at home or an artistic or creative job, you will feel in flow with an almost effortless ability to attract and manifest these things. If you work in an office or more technical job, you can still find ways to incorporate beauty and a romantic touch into your world. Plants and gemstones, feng shui and a zen-like atmosphere are all ideal and recommended!

Pay attention to the signs and messages from the universe too. Synchronicity is highlighted at this time, a magical reality can be yours and realized regardless of your personal path, profession, or past life choices. Time is now- what reality are you creating? Keep your thoughts, emotions and beliefs in check; one potential “shadow” of this Libra moon is the potential of becoming overly judgemental or believing your viewpoints and intellect are superior. (Which leads to disconnection as opposed to magical synchronicity and divine connection.)


‘Tune into Charm’

Tune into your charm for personal and professional victory. You can increase your manifestation powers, in addition to your communication ones, by practicing visualization, mindfulness, and holistic or spiritual theories & therapies. The link Libra has to advanced imaginative, musical and artistic gifts allows them to access the realms of subtle, spiritual, and etheric/astral energy. OK, Libra may not be as clairvoyant or mystically-tuned as Scorpio or Pisces, but they are able to access the infinite. Archetypal ideas, universal concepts and important insights from the psyche are potent here.

Charm can empower your life and lead to financial prosperity. Set your sights on a bright future, because Venus is supporting you to follow your highest joy in a way that blesses you and others in your life.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Libra

Aries: “I am empowered to speak with intent and empathy for the best results. I let go of the need to dominate or overpower... teamwork is my mantra.”

Taurus: “Sensuality lifts my spirits and connects me to personal authority. I embrace my romantic and gentle side for harmonious relationships.”

Gemini: “Money expands when I communicate transparently and authentically. I strive for honesty, emotional vulnerability, and more intimate bonds.”

Cancer: “Peace fills my life when I accept that I can receive support and help from others. My caring and nurturing instincts are a gift, yet I am a social creature and life involves balance.”

Leo: “I am self-expressive, charming, elegant and modest. I know that I can stand strong in my light & truth without overpowering anyone…”

Virgo: “Purity of mind, thought and emotions open doorways to growth and self-expression. I let my artistic gifts shine for self-worth and prosperity.”

Libra: “Like a peacock, I know I am one of the best at what I do… Beauty emanates from within! Yet, I remain graceful and modest as compromise is the key to success.”

Scorpio: “I choose to live in the light whilst recognizing my dark. My shadow is a tool for the divine, but it does not rule me or steer me into darkness. I am gifted beyond belief.”

Sagittarius: “Colour, creativity and expression of the soul enable me to win in whatever I want to achieve. I am bold and independent, but know how to play fair and cooperate.”

Capricorn: “Letting go of the past is my mantra, as this leads to cleared space and fresh energy. My future is bright, abundant and blessed with peace and harmony.”

Aquarius: “When I communicate from the heart with humility and courage, I see the world change around me… the outer is a reflection of the inner, and I am a powerful co-creator!”

Pisces: “Soul defines me, I am mystical, magical and honest in all I do. Synchronicity fills my life when I live in harmony with my Spirit and flow with the rhythm of the universe…”


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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