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New Moon in Pisces

Pisces New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Pisces:

Psychic & Instinctive Gifts


March 2nd, 2022


What a magical New Moon and pre-cycle to Spring! Pisces is the mystic, natural seer and psychic, dreamer, and multi-talented intuitive who possesses a range of creative, artistic, and spiritual gifts and skills. You will find everything related to spirituality, imaginative self-expression, charitable and humanitarian themes, and psychic and clairvoyant gifts coming to the forefront for expression and full integration. As Pisces is a water sign, now is the perfect time to spend time near bodies of water, like lakes, the ocean, natural streams or waterfalls, and ponds or rivers! Let your inner mermaid or merman shine…


Key qualities of Pisces: -

● Spiritual, psychic, instinctive, intuitive, and mystical.

● Kind, friendly, respectful, soft hearted, generous, and unconditionally loving.

● A symbol of compassion and supreme empathy.

● Creatively gifted, artistic, imaginative, and multi-talented!

● Impressionable, dreamy, and adaptable with an ethereal quality.


Water Cleanses, Heals, and Purifies…

Firstly, you should know that it is an excellent time for healing and clearing yourself of the past. Spending time near bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, the ocean, or sea, and even a small pond or puddle of water can help you immensely. Water is the source of the subconscious mind, something the Pisces sign knows inside out. Gazing into or meditating on the quality of water may just transport you into an ethereal and otherworldly realm. It is here where you can unlock key portals into your past, making sense of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual triggers and memories. Don’t be afraid to go deep or at least get intimate with yourself. The psyche is closely linked to the subconscious mind, the infinite waters of creation and life force energy, and the psyche is a bridge to your soul. Are you in tune with your soul’s talents and desires? Do you consider yourself spiritual, open-minded, and in tune with your inner visionary or seer?

Water opens doorways to new growth and creative, imaginative, spiritual, and psychic-clairvoyant skills and gifts. There is a reason why Pisces is known as the “Old Souls” of the Zodiac! Connect to water frequently this month, and further reflect on or contemplate the qualities of water and the influence it has in your life. For example, are you in tune with your emotions- do you possess emotional intelligence, empathy, and sensitivity to yourself and others?!

Furthermore, consider doing a water fast or cleanse starting around the time of the New Moon. Our bodies regenerate themselves- our cells are in a constant cycle of death and rebirth; the old ones being let go of so new cells can come to life. Water not only transforms on a physical level but on a spiritual and astral, or subtle, level too, meaning memories and emotional wisdom & intelligence can shine through with a water cleanse. Detox the body to cleanse and refresh the mind and spirit…


Mystic Healing and Divine Revelations

Vision’s, astral insights, dreams, subconscious gut feelings, powerful imagination and potent instincts can all be expected. Pisces is a rare gem in that they can perform miraculous healing feats without having ever had training or guidance from an expert! Pisces is a natural healer, and they have healing presence and hands. Life force energy flows through them effortlessly and their mind is attuned to a higher, multi-dimensional, and spiritual reality. This enables them to be of help or service to others and the planet as a whole, “channelling” energy to heal- restore wholeness and harmony to- the plants, animals, and fellow humans of earth. You are able to get in touch with these innate healing powers this month.

The seer-like, spiritual, telepathic, and clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities and insights available to you now should not go overlooked. Magic and mystery are heightened during a Pisces New Moon more than any other time of the year; more than any other lunar cycle (yes, even more so than “shamanic Scorpio!”). You may find yourself being able to see through hidden information, illusions, and false intentions or lies at this time. You could very well become a “BS detector!” Psychic gifts and intuition verge on the telepathic vibe during a New Moon in Pisces, while instincts are amped up to the max, which makes for seeing through and beyond the veil of illusion. Divine revelations regarding love, romance, your past, your career and life purpose, destiny and health and wellbeing arise from this space.


A desire to be of service, step into your life purpose, and engage in charity

Everyone assumes Pisces is just shy, sentimental, and over-sensitive, or ambitionless and lacking in direction- at least at first. But the truth is they simply have a very big heart and a natural astral, dreamy, and ethereal frequency about them; they are actually extremely compassionate and charitable! Even Pisces in positions of power or authority still operate from an emotional frequency, with connection and kindness as their primary superpower. Seek out opportunities to be of service to others with a focus on charity, environmentalism, humanitarianism, altruism, and ecological and spiritual awareness. Get involved with your local community, or perhaps travel further afield if you have no current or upcoming commitments.

Pisces is known for addictions and getting lost of emotional or depressive tendencies (their shadow self). Thus, channelling your energy into meaningful projects can assist you in overcoming the potential negative influence of this New Moon.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Pisces: -

Aries: “I learn from the differences in life, adopting a more gentle and emotional energy for deeper connection.”

Taurus: “I seek out harmonious and compatible relationships and bonds, as I know they are the key to my success.”

Gemini: “There is nothing wrong with sensitivity and emotional vulnerability! I seek to soften, embrace, and connect for a more fulfilling life.”

Cancer: “I seek out soulful connections now, only letting in people who are good for my psychological & emotional health.”

Leo: “Creativity can be combined with spiritual insight so that I gain access to the divine.”

Virgo: “Emotional intelligence provides a bridge to the more subtle and spiritual energies of life. I learn to balance practicality with intuition and mysticism for growth.”

Libra: “Beauty radiates from my soul, not from any superficial mindset or identification. Aligning with soul allows me to access my higher self.”

Scorpio: “The higher mind is a link to spiritual insight and divine inspiration. Creativity and abundance flow from this space!”

Sagittarius: “My vision is a source of direction, inspiration, and internal guidance. I learn from the subtle life force that flows through all living things…”

Capricorn: “Although my practical wisdom serves me well, intuition and instincts can help me in every moment.”

Aquarius: “I commit wholeheartedly to the greater vision of my spirit and highest self, and act with integrity from this point onwards.”

Pisces: “My love is a gift from the highest, a source of inspiration, and bridge to angelic consciousness and divinity.”

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