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New Moon in Pisces

Pisces New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Pisces:

Amazing Imagination, Creativity, Dreams & Romance!

NEW MOON in Pisces

13th March 2021: 5:22 am EST

This March’s New Moon is in spiritual, empathic, and gifted Pisces! Pisces is the old soul of the Zodiac, the 12th and final sign, and a Mutable (adaptable) water sign. Pisces is known for being dreamy, romantic, impressionable, caring, kind and wholly generous. But they are also creative, musical, artistic, imaginative, and multi-talented- not to mention the most intuitive and spiritually insightful sign. There are lots of different qualities available this month for you to tune into.

Pisces Key Traits: -

● Wise, intelligent, and intuitive.

● Soulful, emotionally deep, and empathic.

● Creative, artistic, and imaginative- multi-talented with extraordinary gifts!

● Kind, caring, sweet, impressionable, and dreamy.

● Very generous and unconditionally loving.

● Capable of merging with the divine or transcendental and achieving advanced forms of empathy and universal compassion.

● Idealistic and visionary.

It’s All About Your Imagination…

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of the Arts, creativity, imagination, and illusion- spirituality and mysticism, March brings a unique energy. It is time to tap into your creative gifts. Be as creative as you can, express yourself imaginatively and artistically. Draw, paint, dance, play music, master an instrument (or many), cook with the colors of the rainbow, and immerse yourself in arts & crafts. Whatever creativity means to you, do it!

It is important that you sit down in introspection and contemplation as well. Pisces is a creative genius but they are also extremely spiritual, the most soulful and spiritually in tune, psychic and

clairvoyant sign, in fact. You should make the effort to meditate and align, center, and go within. Meditation provides space for self-awareness and an increase in presence, while conscious contemplation (introspection and the like) allows you to access special gifts. Whether these be imaginative, artistic, empathic, or psychic, hidden and unseen talents can come to light now.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams...

Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, also represents dreams and the subconscious mind, or subconsciousness. This is the layer of mind just below consciousness. Subconscious forces influence every day. It’s also in the subconscious mind where we find our shadow selves, the parts repressed, denied and rejected- and all the hidden, invisible and unseen feelings, beliefs, emotions and subtle impressions. Just because something is invisible it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us! The subconscious mind is powerful.

You should therefore look to your dreams this March. Consider starting a dream journal or reading through old dreams if you already have one. You can place an Amethyst crystal on top of or under your pillow at night to access your subconscious mind, and the wisdom available. Remember that the dream worlds provide insight, guidance and wisdom into waking life.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple gemstone relating to the Third Eye chakra. It activates intuition, releases energy blocks from the subtle and spiritual planes, amplifies psychic abilities and other spiritual gifts, and can increase telepathic powers. Amethyst also promotes self-awareness, clarity of thought and perception, and stillness (calmness) of mind.

A New Cycle

Because Pisces is the 12th and final sign, there is a double dose of ‘new beginnings’ energy. Pisces is all about completion, karmic and soul contracts, and the end of a cycle. This is the most spiritual mature sign, so you can expect deep internal realizations and self-reflections of your soul, purpose, or destiny. Who are you and why are you here? What are you meant to create or achieve in this lifetime? What are your soul gifts? These are the types of questions associated with mystical and evolved Pisces.

Of course, the end of a cycle equally symbolizes the beginning of a new one. Fresh starts are in store. New beginnings can manifest on a mental/psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual level, or all of them. It all depends on where you are at on your journey. And what themes are coming up for you?

Try out spiritual healing, therapies, and psychic development.

March is the perfect time to try out things you may usually feel shy to experience. If you’re someone who doesn’t consider themselves very psychic at all, or who sees alternative and spiritual therapies and lifestyle choices as “woo,” there is an opening for self-development. Say

YES to self-mastery. Be open to the magic and spiritual energy of the universe… Holistic, spiritual, and alternative therapies open doorways back to your true self. They can remind you of the interconnected nature of life and self, and how mind, body & spirit are meant to work in harmony together. There is a grand design of life- you are not separate from it.

Enroll on an online course like Reiki or psychic development. Start training to become a Sound healer, Chi Kung practitioner, or Aromatherapist. Think holistic.

If all else fails...

If all else fails, remember Pisces is incredibly romantic. This water sign’s grounded and down-to-earth qualities include being wonderfully kind, generous and unconditionally loving. They’re compassion knows no bounds! Think about ways you can help others in your neighborhood or local community. Seek out organizations, charities, or projects to volunteer at, and sign up to things that you can align with in the future. This sensitive and altruistic sign is also a lover of travel and adventure, wanderlust and a free-spirited ‘bohemian vibe. Have you thought about spending time on an organic farm, animal conservation project, or community dedicated to healing the earth?!

Alternatively heal yourself through love. Dreamy, warm-hearted, devoted, and magical, Pisces is a lover at heart who is capable of achieving heightened states of spiritual connection. A night or two of romance and a commitment to kind, sweet, caring, unconditionally loving and soulful vibes may be in divine order…

The New Moon is in alignment with Venus, after all. Honor your sensitivities and vulnerable nature, further expressing it- to achieve freedom- through love and harmonious connection.

Many Blessings

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