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New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Sagittarius

Advancements and Expansion


November 23rd, 2022


It’s a Sagittarius New Moon with a strong Jupiter influence, as this luck-bringing planet is Sagittarius’ ruler. This lunar cycle is all about planning, envisioning, and stepping into new levels of personal power and freedom. Tune into the big picture- forget the trivial, petty, and insignificant aspects of life that prevent your spirit from soaring. Stay true to your dreams and aspirations and cut out the distractions. Drama should be about the Arts and inspirational pursuits, not mind-games or BS!


Key Takeaways: -

● Attune to the big picture: idealistic, visionary, and big-picture thinking, try to lose the drama and games of the human ego. Sagittarius thrives off an intellectual and philosophical ‘higher mind’ plane. They’re wise, perceptive, intelligent, and intuitive. Yet they’re also fun-loving, which can make them prone to drama and frivolity. Try to steer away from the lower vibration of this Sagittarius New Moon. Keep your mind set on your dreams.

● Travel and community connections will be on your mind. Jupiter brings luck and expansion, positive energy, and a powerful sense of optimism. The message is that abundance and prosperity arise through staying true to your dreams. Explore how your inner world nomad can create new connections and earn you a living.

● As the star sign of higher learning and philosophy, this moon phase is excellent for starting or expanding a spiritual, educational, or intellectual practice. Study, seek out a course that can lead to a new pathway, or give your current study the final push. Go the extra mile and really commit to a specific pathway because there is a lot of physical energy and vitality available.


Plan for Your Future

Sagittarius is the Archer who reaches through the stars, so you can tune into visionary and idealistic energies the best possible future. Now is the time to plan, be bold, energise plans and projects, and set your intentions. Be courageous and act and speak with confidence. You will find an increase in personal energy levels. Vitality, physical instincts, higher mind wisdom, and self-expression all expand and amplify. Reclaim your independence and self-autonomy; examine where you may have given your power away without being conscious of it. Sagittarius is an independent leader, but they also know how to be part of a team and play nicely with others (for the most part!).

Step into self-autonomy and find ways to be more reliant. For example, maybe you still need to secure your own income and become self-employed? Perhaps you’ve been studying and making sufficient progress on achieving your qualification or diploma, and are nearly at boss or expert status? Give yourself that extra push. Sagittarius is the sign of the soul-preneur, the soulful entrepreneur! Become more independent and self-sufficient with your finances and the way you support yourself.

Tap into Jupiter for an extra dose of luck and inspiration. Do some stargazing at night to tune into Jupiter’s energy. You might mistake Jupiter for Venus, as they both shine brightly in the sky. But even if you do, be open to receiving the expansive and loving rays of our solar system and its planets. Don’t play small, open your mind, and be receptive to any blessings, higher guidance, divine insights, or intuitive hunches that wish to come your way.


Tune into Your Inner Seer

This Sagittarius New Moon also brings out our inner seer and prophet. Although Sagittarius’s are known for being overly blunt and self-righteous, they are extremely wise, perceptive, and intelligent. They possess advanced intuition and have an inner prophet which occasionally shows itself. This is the perfect time to expand the opportunities in your life and search for ways to speak, teach, or lead. You will find yourself wanting to inspire people, speak with passion and boldness, and shine in a way that helps others. You could discover that you desire to uplift human consciousness in some way, even becoming a religious or spiritual leader, priest, or shaman. Sagittarius is the sign of the mentor, guide, and coach too.

However, you express yourself, don’t hold back on the wisdom that wants to come through. Try to ground and direct it, however, otherwise it comes out as some strange type of shouting down at others or outspoken rebellious behaviour. This could be totally unconscious! Be righteous but not self-righteous; align with your intentions to share and uplift, inspire, and educate; yet don’t become a bully or overpowering leader who only got their position by force. The negative side of this New Moon is succumbing to aggression and intimidation.



Travel and a New Health Regime

Finally, commit to travel and a new health regime. As a fire sign with powerful libido, physical vitality, and instincts, Sagittarius is a very active and sporty person. If they’re not sporty, they love to travel and are always moving around. You may want to begin a spiritual practice that involves meditation, journaling, daily mindful walks, and tai chi. Yoga is great because it provides a holistic system, increasing self-awareness, psychic gifts, intellect, and an array of other qualities. Connect to your holistic bodily systems where you acknowledge and respect your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Eat more whole, organic, and super foods too. You should take really good care of your system this month due to the powerful energies coming your way. You should try to remain as pure and clean a channel as possible.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Aries: “I embrace my physical instincts and desires, so they don’t overpower me.”

Taurus: “Emotional intelligence is my superpower now, and it gives me limitless energy.”

Gemini: “I am a holistic and optimistic being- I honour my health to secure my prosperity.”

Cancer: “While others are trying to shine, I win the long-game through mastering my talents.”

Leo: “Standing in the spotlight is my birth right, however I do so with humility and modesty.”

Virgo: “Taking my time and planning ensures an abundant and happy future.”

Libra: “Wise and perceptive, I shower others with gifts through my intelligence.”

Scorpio: “Self-mastery is my mantra, as no-one can do it the way I do!”

Sagittarius: “I perfect the financial and practical aspects of life to energise my dreams.”

Capricorn: “I use my emotional depth and sensitivity to create expansive environments for all.”

Aquarius: “It’s ok to want to be the hermit to master my craft, career, or service.”

Pisces: “I’m here for the long game… I release instant gratification and live by pleasure in balance.”

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