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New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon Sagittarius - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Sagittarius, December 14th, 2020

The New Moon on December 14th falls in fire sign Sagittarius, the energetic and optimistic Archer. This tells us a lot about the energies available to us. Of course, New Moons represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and a new lunar cycle- meaning fresh perspectives and vibrant life force are in store.

But this New Moon is accompanied by a total Solar Eclipse. Double power! And an amplification of inspiration ...Let’s look at the symbolism of December’s New Moon now.

Sagittarius: The Bold and Independent Archer

Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer reaching towards the stars. This fire sign is all about boldness, courage, and bravery, how we step into our light to inspire or help others in our communities. This fiery sign is also highly independent and symbolizes ‘vision.’ Sagittarius isn’t known to play small or meek, and this is what we can expect with a New Moon in Sagittarius.

Climbing personal and professional mountains, tuning into our need for adventure and wanderlust, and everything related to the sign’s glyphs (astrological symbols). Sag is both the Archer who reaches for the stars and the Centaur, the half man and half animal mythological creature. This portrays the themes of this lunar cycle.

We are both primal with animalistic urges, needs and desire- and spiritual and divine. Philosophies and beliefs are coming into awareness, personal evaluation and self-discovery are strong. If you already consider yourself quite evolved with a strong set of morals, principles, ethics and ideologies (beliefs, philosophy, etc.) this is the perfect time to fine-tune your beliefs.

The Sagittarius sign brings the energy of connecting to our higher selves, the higher self, through wisdom acquisition and the pursuit of knowledge.

Jupiter’s influence

You would be wise to plan your future with this energy. Visionary qualities combined with recognizing your need for travel, kindred spirits, community, seeing the big picture, spiritual ideals, and living from a higher and more connected reality tie into this month’s energies. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Jupiter is all about expansion. Luck and prosperity come through staying true to your dreams and aspirations too.

Going back to wisdom, now would be the perfect time to develop a spiritual, well-being or professional practice. Jupiter rules higher learning and educational pursuits, therefore these things are strong right now. Any intentions you set now and steps you take can see results 6 months down the line. Remember that a New Moon signifies new beginnings.

A New Moon and Solar Eclipse (plus Solstice!)

Not only is December 14th a New Moon but there is also a total Solar Eclipse. Solar energy is powerful, inspiring and high in life force (vital energy); it brings the qualities of passion, self-confidence, assertiveness, and action. Because Sag is a fire sign having a Solar Eclipse alongside this New Moon is an amazing time to get in tune with your inner fire, passions, and long-term goals.

Rewards for hard work are available as well. Just 3 days later, Saturn- the ‘task-masker’ planet of ‘tough-love,’ also representing structure, authority, and physical foundations combined with order; leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. This is an extremely powerful new transit and astrological cycle to be conscious of.

Saturn in Aquarius literally signifies big changes in consciousness- collective/global and individual, humanitarianism, community, technology, science, healing and spirituality. Conscious rebellion and greater justice for all are the key themes associated with this Saturn cycle. The fact that this happens just 3 days after the Solar Eclipse New Moon tells us a lot- pay attention to the sins of the times.

Of course, we also have the Winter Solstice on the 21st; self-alignment, evolution, and spiritual illumination all round! Connect to your intuition and soulful passions at this time and be sure to work with the energies of the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse. Solstice is a wonderful time for healing, meditation, nature therapy, artistic pursuits, creativity, and higher self-connection. Growth can come through spiritual recognition and ‘going within to go without’ (just like the saying “as above so below”).

Key takeaways: -

● Plan your future: Visionary and idealistic energies are strong, get in tune with your inner power and self-sovereignty. Sagittarius is a very independent sign.

● Commit to a new health, spiritual or well-being practice: December, specifically any time from the 14th, is the best time to recommit to a new self-care and health routine and practice. Think meditation, morning yoga, chi kung, plant-based/wholefoods diet, spiritual healing and core shamanic principles. If it heals your spirit and soul it will bring wholeness and rejuvenation into your life. Mind, body & spirit work as one.

● Tap into Jupiter: Luck, expansion and abundance can all come through the other main qualities of Jupiter; higher learning, philosophy, knowledge, and spirituality. Take an online course or develop a skill set. Expand your services, gifts, and talents- it can increase your personal income and make you feel confident and self-autonomous simultaneously.

● Travel plans? Sag is the sign typically associated with travel, wanderlust, and a ‘free-spirited’ vibe. Even if you can’t go anywhere just yet make sure you create a plan of action for your future. Careers linked to Sagittarius include travel and hospitality, music, art, the creative industry, digital nomading, writing and publishing, tourism, and teaching.

Final thoughts…

Sagittarius is a bit of a seer and mentor, a guide and ‘prophet.’ Whether you want to take this literally or metaphorically, Sagittarius’ usually achieve success and a level of self-mastery in the philosophical and/or spiritual fields.

They’re deeply philosophical, wise, perceptive and intelligent! Also, deeply intuitive and creatively gifted. The New Moon on December 14th allows you to connect to these traits and develop and integrate them. Merged with all of the other significant astrology surrounding the New Moon this is a very special month.

One interesting thought to leave you with... Many people including astrologers and astronomers believe that the Mayan calendar’s “prediction” for December 21st, 2012 is intrinsically linked to the Solstice on December 21st 2020. 2020’s winter solstice is a portal to higher states of consciousness and self-awareness through the connection to the Galactic Center. What does this mean on a very down-to-earth and grounded level?

It means you can raise your vibration and expand your frequency. Self-evolution and self-realization of a more interconnected, divine, and universally loving reality are possible. Unconditional love and compassion can be meditated on for optimum manifestation.


Blessings Cecelia

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