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New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Scorpio:

Emotional Connection & Soul Vibes!


4th November 2021


November’s New Moon is occurring in intuitive and intense Scorpio, the sign of mystery and sex appeal. Scorpio is ruled by the smallest planet in our solar system, the one who is furthest away too; which represents the energy of this lunar cycle. You will be feeling very “spacey”- whether this affects you positively or negatively will depend on how well you’re able to channel the depths of spiritual Scorpio. Pluto symbolizes rebirth, transformation, and alchemy- this planet has powers to penetrate your soul… It’s true that Scorpio can often look you in the eyes and change your world!

Be aware of any planets you have in the Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. In addition to the information and wisdom shared below, this will give you deeper meaning & insight regarding the themes showing up for you individually.


Key qualities of Scorpio: things to know:-

● Scorpio is mysterious, emotional, intense and spiritual. Passion flows through their veins just like water flows through a river- it’s part of their core nature. As a water sign, scorpio has the power to penetrate deep into your soul and raise (or lower!) your vibration through their emotional self-mastery. Oh yes, these creatures are sensitive, but they are also self-mastered meaning that they seek self-control in most to all areas of life. A New Moon in Scorpio helps us to gain clarity and control over our emotions, feelings, and internal sensations, and then direct (channel) them in a way that is healthy & harmonious. More on this later.

● As one of the most imaginative, artistic, intuitive and instinctive signs, the Scorpio influence is a push towards a more vibrant and multi-talented you. This is the perfect time to develop your skills, gifts, and abilities, in any and all fields. Being both a musician and artist and a shaman and healer (naturally, aka the ‘natural Scorpio vibration’), you can excel in any of the following fields: caregiving, counselling, therapy, music, performance, art, spoken word, entertainment, nursing, healthcare, spiritual healing, coaching, astrology, teaching, learning, and esoteric fields and professions.

● Your desire to be of service will be amplified. Empathy, altruism and compassion are three key qualities being expanded over this new moon. But, it’s not the selfless vibe of- say, super-selfless Pisces; you will still feel ambitious and self-inclined. This means you want to serve yourself as well as others, and this includes your bank account, health, and personal glow.


Seek Emotional Mastery & Wisdom

It’s all about emotions this month and New Moon, my fellow sister or brother. OK, I chose these words for a reason… Scorpio reminds us that we’re all family, all extended family members; roots run deep and are not limited to our blood family. Soulmates, kindred spirit, and strangers that bring a feeling of synchronicity, or deja vu, can help you to find the magic in this weird game of life.

There’s an emotional (and spiritual) cord connecting us all. People spiritually-open call this interconnectedness, or the reality of oneness. You should learn to be more pragmatic and evolution-focused at this time, seeing everyone as another “you;” a reflection of you, or a mirror, in another body. We’re all brothers and sisters and we all rely on the same earth, air, water and fire for our continued survival. This New Moon is lovingly guiding you back to source, back to God, and back to the centre of your being. Spirituality, mysticism, and y/our ancient roots are themes to meditate on.

Pay attention to the instinctive feelings and subtle impressions you receive leading up to and after the New Moon. Be more attuned- tuned in- to the etheric and astral cords, the invisible and less seen realms and dimensions, as this is where you will find the answers you seek. Wisdom, self-awareness, and intuitive knowing (gut feelings!) will flow effortlessly from this space. Be aware of the emotional undertone to your relationships, exchanges and communications…. There is more to life than intellect and logic or reason.

Expanding on from this point, you can really use this spiritual/emotional vibe to your advantage by channeling it. This is also known as conscious direction, or intention. Meditate under the moon or in the sun’s rays, or simply create a comfortable space at home. Go within, detach from the dramas and stories of waking life, and embrace a subtle introspective reality. From this space, you will find that your golden compass is your heart, mind, and soul…


Stay Focused, Ambitious, and Career Driven

You can have it all! You can have a beautiful relationship, a successful career, and a thriving social life. The balance between emotional and spiritual being and hard-work, ambition, and drive is assisting you in finding this balance, and keeping it. Scorpio’s ancient ruler is Mars, so there is an organic vibration of competition and a desire to succeed. Tap into this resourceful sign’s resilience...

You can look backwards (or come full circle if you’re thinking nonlinearly) at your past, to discover the gems in your failures. Hardships, struggles, and even trauma can be a gateway to growth and higher learning now. Try not to succumb to self-denial or manipulating others, such a heightened emotional energy can make you want to manipulate others and reality itself. But, this will lead to your devolution, distorting higher truth and progress you’ve made even more.

For the best results, get out your vision board or ring up an old client or contact. You can revisit the past and see beyond the veil of illusion, to see what connections or opportunities you may have overlooked or neglected due to busyness and distractions. Abundance, a new venture, manifestation, and connections that serve your highest self are all in store when you listen to that inner voice.


Transcend Jealousy, Possessiveness, and Codependency

Known for intensity and deep yearning desires for intimacy, Scorpio energy sparks a pull towards healing and transcending jealousy. In fact, many aspects of ‘toxic’ or ‘karmic’ relationships can be healed and released, including (but not limited to) possessiveness, codependency, and feelings of resentment, envy, jealousy and a lack of trust. A New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh new cycle, whilst Scorpio craves intimacy and soul-merging. Put the two together and you might see yourself on a path of self-discovery!

Work with the spiritually evolved frequencies in store. Journal, take time out to rest and soul-search, or go on a spiritual or holistic retreat, either self-created at home or one organized by professionals. Silence provides space for sound, self-realization, and enlightenment; positive self-talk and thoughts and feelings that reflect a trusting, loving, and pure you.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Scorpio:

Aries: “I embrace my feminine side for a balanced life… My ambition gets a healthy dose of magic through subtlety and spirituality.”

Taurus: “Emotional intensity, anxiety, and tension are a key to my soul’s best interests. Passion is beautiful when channeled correctly!”

Gemini: “My home serves as a reminder for all I have created and achieved. Instead of being emotionally aloof or detached, I commit to integration and inner balance.”

Cancer: “My imagination soars and my instincts thrive! Listening to the subtle cues and signs of the universe help to steer me onto the best paths possible.”

Leo: “Only love and empathy can get me through the trying times... Life isn’t perfect, yet claiming sovereignty over my emotions allows me to stay blissful.”

Virgo: “My pain and sadness are a tool for spiritual growth. Healing is easy, effortless, even, when I embrace my shadow and my darkness.”

Libra: “Harmony in my life comes about through emotional honesty and vulnerability. I use my advanced communication skills to speak freely and share my emotions.”

Scorpio: “Rebirth occurs naturally when I act and speak with courage. I realize old cycles and chapters no longer serve me, so I make space for the new.”

Sagittarius: “My vision amplifies with focus, hard-work, and dedication to my path. Imaginative and intuitive gifts can help expand my talents and passion!

Capricorn: “I find comfort in the sensual and subtle energies available, as I realize life is a combo of yin and yang. It’s ok to feel introspective and spiritually connected....”

Aquarius: “My higher mind opens up to infinite potential just like a cup awaiting water. I am open, receptive, self-loving and in tune with cosmic energies!”

Pisces: “I speak and act with integrity to overcome illusion. The world is full of fear, chaos, and confusion but this doesn’t mean I have to devolve or live in fear & suffering…. I shine when I live with soul.”


Blessings, Cecelia

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