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New Moon in Taurus

Taurus New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Taurus:

Self-Worth & Sensuality


30th April 2022

Although in April, the next New Moon marks the beginning of the month of May- and it’s accompanied by a Solar Eclipse! This lights up the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses we spoke about in November last year. This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in Taurus, the sign of grounded responsibility, practicality, and wisdom. There are many themes coming to light now, so read on for some extraordinary insights.


Key qualities:-

● Firstly, remember that Eclipses bring a powerful spiritual vibration and transformative energy…

● Taurus is the master builder who knows how to turn physical resources and assets into things of beauty. Much creation, growth, and potential for positive change is available!

● As an earth sign, there is an innate feminine quality to this New Moon.

● You should know that there is a positive Venus placement at this time; Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, which means amazing things in the realm of love, romance, and forming lasting bonds and relationships- potentially forever. Deep love and soulmate bonds can be established and strengthened.

● Taurus’ glyph is the Bull, signifying that you can “take charge” of your goals and hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a bright and abundant future. Stay in control, however don’t fall into stubbornness or stagnation.


All Matters of Security & Self-Worth

This is a time of major transformation and personal growth, so wasting these energies would be a massive shame. A Taurus Solar Eclipse coupled with a New Moon (beginnings, fresh starts) brings the themes of self-worth, ownership, values, resources, finances, self-esteem, security, your openness or resistance to change, and your feelings about all of these things! How you feel and respond to your immediate and future environments is important. Your emotions and impressions mean something- they mean a lot, in fact; they can help determine the best course of action to take or what may be in alignment with your soul and true self. We all have a higher self, the “ultimate” or “best” version of ourselves. This Taurus moon provides a sparkling and catalytic energy to go after what you want, with determination, no apology, and self-confidence.

Mother Earth and your connection to her also comes into the picture. It’s not all about personal resources, financial property, and business or career and the money you make now (although these do feature strongly). Re-evaluate your bond to the Great Mother, the spirit of the earth and our planet as a whole. Do you engage in sporadic or cyclic activities that help to support local ecosystems, like the trees, wildlife, bees, or birds and native flowers? Now is an excellent time to get interested in this! When you give, you naturally receive. This New Moon teaches the cosmic lesson of our planet being abundant and fertile; people who live in harmony with her- earth is a feminine principle, don’t forget- are the ones who have realised the giving-receiving interplay of energy.

Giving back to nature and the earth that sustains you can amplify abundance, through the vibrations of gratitude and sincerity you project. Your thoughts ripples out into the world around… And, this enhances and sparks your own capacity for healthy & balanced material wealth, spiritual prosperity, and self-alignment. Working for Mother Earth and not against her is a win-win! On this note, considering shifting to a plant-based or healthy + balanced vegetarian diet can work wonders for your mind, body, & spirit. There’s a key message of “holistic health and well-being” here.


Emotional Mastery and Sensitivity

Although some people would like to say they are separate and not interconnected, your emotional health and self-mastery is closely linked to your ability to attract, manifest, and make money. Taurus knows this. Taurus is one of the most efficient, hard-working, practical, and responsible signs- they work hard and passionately to provide for self and others. They also have a gift for attracting resources and materials or tools that will help them shine and prosper, or at the very least provide for emotional satisfaction and lasting happiness. Do not make the mistake of thinking this New Moon has to be “this or that.”

Both emotional wisdom, intelligence, and sensitivity can be found and mastered, just as personal power and manifestation abilities can be harnessed. Once you begin to take accountability for your feelings, emotions, beliefs, and past actions, and become a more mature and evolved version of yourself; you will start to see that the two go hand in hand. Take some time for meditation or introspection- it can be one afternoon or evening only- and differentiate between what you truly value, for example what brings you real joy and lasting peace, and what has been imposed on you. Sometimes our feelings and beliefs aren’t even our own! They get passed down through the generations…

Generational wealth and separating tradition and obligation from personal sovereignty and autonomy is another major theme of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Taurus is very stoic, conservative, and traditional- they believe in family values and respecting elders, teachers, parents, and grandparents. This is great, as long as it doesn’t get taken to extremes. Do you know what belongs to you and what doesn’t? Are you living life by your own times, in alignment with your own wants, needs, and desires?! Do you feel autonomous and self-worthy enough to follow your own path and dreams, without fear of what family or previous acquaintances will say, or if they’ll judge you? One ‘negative’ trait of Taurus’ that can be transformed into an alchemical shift in frequency is stubbornness. Use your willpower and head-strong inner quality to forge your own path. This is the only way you can escape the chains of karma and create a better world for others!


Get In Tune With Your Body

Finally, get in tune with your body. Dance, sing, make love, garden, forage in nature, and give yourself and loved ones sensual massages with essential oils and flower essences. Sensuality is amplified to the max, which can lead to powerfully increased self-esteem and personal empowerment. Your entire sense of security and self-identity is tied into how secure and comfortable you feel in your body. If you’ve been neglecting your diet, do make sure you make some healthy changes now. Research herbs for healing, ayurvedic remedies, and vegan/plant-based diets. Consider the impact of regular and conscious (mindful) fasts as part of a normal healthy lifestyle. Fasting can kick-start your system and cleanse, flush, and detox all the chemicals, metals, and preservatives that have been unconsciously consumed.

There is a tendency to indulge and seek pleasure, constantly, when the Moon is in Taurus, so make sure you listen to the messages of your body and pay attention to your intuition. A healthy body is a healthy mind and heart.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Taurus:

Aries: “I am a fierce provider and protector for those I love, and for the underdog!”

Taurus: “My sensual needs are just as important as my material and financial ones…”

Gemini: “When I am honest with myself and others, I am more trusted and respected.”

Cancer: “Emotional sensitivity must be balanced with level-headedness if I wish to progress in life.”

Leo: “Benevolent forces work through me so I can accomplish my soul mission.”

Virgo: “If I can visualise it and see it in my mind’s eye, I can achieve it! Hard-work always pays off.”

Libra: “My desire for world peace and social justice outweighs any hedonistic tendencies I may have…”

Scorpio: “I embody the wisdom of an elder or wise mentor so others can find their gifts.”

Sagittarius: “My love of freedom should never get in the way of finding true wealth & prosperity.”

Capricorn: “Easing up around others helps me to be seen as the powerful leader and provider that I am.”

Aquarius: “Psychic instincts amplify the more I get in tune with my body. Emotions serve my mind!”

Pisces: “Like the Fool who embarks on a new journey with a sense of innocence, I remain humble to continue on my golden path.”

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