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New Moon in Taurus

Taurus New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Taurus:

Roots & Community, Choosing A Grounded Path

NEW MOON in Taurus

11th May 2021: 2:58 pm EST


This May’s New Moon is occurring in Taurus, the grounded earth sign known for its dependability and responsibility. A Taurus New Moon is all about choosing a grounded path and aligning with it. It’s time to get serious with your talents and passions! If you are already on your path and living life to your fullest potential, the stars are asking you to take your career and services to the next level. As a Fixed earth sign, Taurus is also symbolic of roots, community, and culture- our connection to the planet and how much emotional intelligence & maturity we display. This is a great moon cycle for wealth and resource manifestation, romance, and sensuality, and stepping into a role of self-leadership and career level-up.


Taurus Key Traits: -

● Reliability, dependability, and self-responsibility.

● Lovers of beauty, nature, and cooperation.

● Community, family, and friendship focused.

● Romantic, sensual and pleasure loving.

● Down-to-earth, modest, easy-going, and optimistic.

● Hard-working, ecologically conscious, and Mother Earth/environment activists!

Be Realistic~ with “Roots!”

It’s time to be realistic and be honest with your finances, health, relationships, home and family life, and everything above and in between. Taurus is deeply realistic and grounded; this sign enjoys creating strong foundations and forming close bonds and relationships. Whether it be platonic, romantic, family or business, relationships will be highlighted during this lunar transit. But it’s not a doorway to excuses, denial or escapism- reality and roots are the two key words with the Taurus New Moon.

Evaluate the connections in your life. Are you getting your needs met? What are your beliefs around love and intimacy? Have you healed from past wounds and sexual experiences? Do you have a close relationship with your family? Is there harmony and synergy in work and business partnerships?

Although Taurus is stoic and serious this sign is also playful and self-expressive. They love community and to be surrounded by kindred spirits who ‘get’ them. So, take a look around and within, at your circle and friendship or social groups. Be honest with your emotions, feelings and instinctual responses when analyzing the true essence of your friendships & relationships. Are the people around you serving your best interests? Do they have your head, heart and back?!

Plant Seeds

Now is the time to plant seeds both physical and metaphorical. Tend to your garden, watch the awe-inspiring beauty of nature growing, and work towards some level of self-sufficiency. Fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds make for a fun and satisfying project, and you’ll further be giving back to the earth and the bees, birds and insects of our earth. Think ‘Mother Earth…’ Secondly, seeds of intention can be planted, so spend sufficient time energizing your plans and goals. Long-term dreams, aspirations and ambitions can be given a super boost with the grounded and practical Taurus energies.

This New Moon sparks our manifestation powers, and our inner passions and desires for success. Success can be psychological, emotional, and spiritual too- not just physical! Aim for self-development and recognize the ‘practical magic’ earth energy associated with this sign. There’s opportunity for a new beginning, one in harmony with our planet and eco-principles. What role are you playing?

Furthermore, think about combining ritual or sacred space with your seed planting. Now is the time to get your sage out and cleanse your room, home, and even garden. Loving send healing energy around your newly planted seeds and herbs, plants, or vegetables; sage and cleanse your room and home and meditate to align your chakras. A New Moon in Taurus is not only a new beginning for planet earth and our ecosystems, but also for ourselves.

Appreciate Nature and Slow Down

It’s equally important that you slow down during this lunar cycle. Take some time to go within. Appreciate nature and count the blessings in your life. Consider phoning or emailing an old friend or relative, someone you have not connected with in a while. Taurus is a very traditional sign; therefore, family and tradition are called for. Nature will help to rejuvenate your energies and restore a sense of comfort, home, and belonging, while friends and family will assist in reminding you of the power of roots, connection, and community.

Bring things back to basics. Adopt a divinely simplistic approach to self and life. Taurus is not only practical and conservative/traditional, Taurus is equally sensual and a lover of beauty,

intimacy, and pleasure and the like. Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, comes to light from the 11th. You may find yourself more sensual and pleasure-seeking than usual. Romantic and in need of sexual chemistry and stimulation too. Venus is the planet of love and sexuality, a Goddess of sensuality, pleasure, and feminine sexuality. Connect to your feminine nature by increasing or practicing nurturance, care, empathy, and personal magnetism.

If you’re coupled up or spending time with a lover this May, enjoy the pleasures of life. Romance and desire are amplified, and these can lead to inspiration! Just be mindful of becoming too hedonistic, as hedonism is the shadow side of this luxury-loving, pleasure-seeking sign.

Dream Big, think in terms of ‘Holism’.

The Sun is in Uranus while the Moon is in Taurus. Uranus is the changemaker planet, the revolutionary celestial entity also known as the ‘Great Awakener.’ There is much more than initially meets the eye with this New Moon, and it may seem to be overshadowed by the Eclipse coming up (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, on the 26th), however this is not the case. During the Taurus New Moon, Neptune is in Pisces and Mars is in Cancer.

This is a beautiful combination… water and earth blend well together. If you’re a fire or earth sign you may struggle a bit this month, yet you can really benefit from the down-to-earth, introspective, and yin energy. Earth or water? You will find your natural gifts and talents amplified and more grace, bliss, and effortlessness fill your life. Neptune in Pisces expands creativity, the imagination and spirituality- and Taurus and Pisces are compatible and harmonious (so there is a great synergy here).

And, the Sun is harmonizing with Neptune the planet of instincts, psychic gifts, spirituality and dreams, and Mars with Uranus. This means immense power and energy long-term change, global and collective shifts, sparks in personal power, new ideas and innovative solutions to big problems. What does this mean practically? Well, for starters you could think about starting your own permaculture garden, hiring an allotment, or solar paneling your house.


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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