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New Moon in Virgo

Virgo New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in VIRGO

~ Well-Being, Financial Prosperity, & Self-Responsibility

September 7th 2021


This month’s New Moon falls in practical and supremely detail focused Virgo. Virgo is the Virgin of the Zodiac, the Maiden who represents purity, a strive for perfection, and the earth element. Key words to describe the Virgo sign are hard-working, practical, dutiful, service oriented, helpful, sweet and kind, moest and responsible. So, you can expect all of these themes to come up! Don’t forget to check your chart (natal/birth) to see which planets, if any, lie in the Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.


Virgo key qualities:-

● The ruling planet is Mercury, the “messenger” with associations to the Gods. Astral energy is strong with planet Mercury and people with a strong Mercury placement excel at communication. All aspects of self-expression, communication, and the exchange of ideas, concepts, knowledge and information will be coming into focus on the 7th.

● Purification is a main theme linked to Virgo’s ruling glyph. You will feel a strong inner pull to purify your mind, body & spirit, and to cleanse your past. Cleanse, clear, alchemize and purify! Virgo is ruled by the 6th house, the astrological house of well-being, health, and daily habits and routines. Keep this in mind.

● One of the least flexible ‘mutable signs,’ apply adaptability into your relationships and career or health goals. The way you communicate with others within close and intimate relationships, and business and professional partnerships can all get a boost. Learn to be more flexible, open-minded and expansive in your attitudes & beliefs; this is a main message of this New Moon...


Practical Action

This is arguably the most action oriented and practical New Moon of the year. There is no greater time than now to get stuff done, create and align with a plan, and apply hard work to see real results. A New Moon in Virgo doesn’t deal with the mystical or subtle-energetic aspects of life, but it does provide the energy to persevere, be immensely determined, aim for gold, and look at the physical structures in your life.

Order and organization are two qualities readily available to you. Stay committed to any previous goals and practical visions you’ve energized- find new ways to amplify current projects and ventures... Virgo is very methodological (thank Mercury) therefore your route to success is to apply logic, reason and practical wisdom- everything rooted in the ‘real world’ and physical- for prosperity, new connections, opportunities, etc. If you’re hoping for vastly imaginative and ethereal vibes, wait until the Full Moon in Pisces later this month. Virgo represents the small details.

You have bright prospects, so tune into your inner strength and stamina. If you need to slow down and adjust your focus, don’t be scared of appearing too thoughtful and deliberate. The cosmos has your back! Spontaneity and risk-taking will come to you at other times. Again, focus on duties & responsibilities in your immediate now, the life and path you’ve been working hard towards creating. Earth energy expands in your life and earth energy is stabilizing, grounding, security driven, practical, reliable and nurturing. Nurture your dreams and aspirations through seeing what resources and physical structures are available to you now.


Be Patient... Take Care of Your Health Too

In addition to patience, this Virgo moon provides an opportunity to really take care of your health and well-being. Everything to do with the 6th house comes to light, and this includes the health and well-being routines and regimes you have going on. September is the ideal month to centre and get back into the daily routines that once brought you energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of excitement. Exercise, healthy eating, passion projects, movement, self-care routines, and activities that increase self-worth and self-esteem (Self-love) are paramount leading up to, during and after this New Moon.

For business and finances, be patient, methodological and organized & orderly; then, take the time for healing and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. There will be greater opportunities for spiritual alignment and inner harmony later when the Moon is in Pisces, thus be more concerned with your emotional, mental/psychological and physical well-being. Dance, strength, go to the gym or for walks, engage in sports, hike, swim, seek out a personal trainer, begin martial arts classes, or do yoga! Whatever makes you happy. I have said this once before on a previous Virgo moon, but do be conscious of the element of joy. Activities that genuinely interest you are much better for your holistic health than a monotonous routine that only bores you!

What lights up your soul whilst increasing blood and chi flow....? What expands passion and vitality within while strengthening your immune system? Find your highest joy and flow with it. All of your physical systems will benefit from physical movement and your higher self and inner

spirit will simultaneously soar. Try to stay clear of the boring tasks and routines that bring you down, anything that makes you feel “heavy” and low emotionally is not worth it. If it’s going to stress you out or cause anxiety, it’s counterproductive to your well-being.

A further note: due to Virgo’s strong connection with physical well-being and vitality, nutrition may be on your mind. If you’re looking for a new career path or simply want a new hobby, take an online course or masterclass in herbal medicine, nutrition, or the benefits of a plant-based diet. We’ve entered a New Age of Aquarius meaning there are big changes and shifts occurring. Virgo strengthens your inner compassion and sincere caring for others- perhaps vegan or vegetarian nutrition is the next step for you?!

Your wealth is in your health! And, you’re interconnected with Gaia, the spirit of the earth, and the collective consciousness energy field.... Individual and planetary consciousness are merging.✧


Powerful Instincts

Finally, don’t underestimate the instinctual aspect of this practical and modest earth sign. Virgo has incredibly strong instincts, they navigate life connected to their senses and with their intuitive voice intact. It may not be as strong or developed as the water signs, however the energies of this New Moon allow you to combine methodology, logic, analysis and keen observation skills with instincts, subtle perception, and inner knowing. Sensual, romantic, caring, empathic and nurturing energies are just as strong on this New Moon as a need for order and stepping up to self-responsibility.

There is one minor downside to this sensitivity. Be very mindful of the need for extreme perfectionism and the need to judge, criticize or critique others. If you do this to yourself, then so be it! It can provide healing and growth is small amounts. But critiquing everyone else will just push them away, or make you appear incredibly ignorant and intolerant. Look to Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces, if you find this taking over your conscious mind. Embrace surrender and your capacity to go with the flow, adapt to external situations and events (including setbacks- or other people’s heart-centred motivations and intentions!) and harmonious teamwork.

Blessings, Cecelia

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