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New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Amazing Creativity & Inspiration


October 25th, 2022


This New Moon is coupled with a Solar Eclipse, bringing in a powerful spiritual energy and intuitive forces that can transform your life. Scorpio is the intense, spiritual, psychic, imaginative, resourceful, and intelligent water sign with two planetary rulers. Having a current and ancient planetary ruler adds extra dimensions into their personality. Pluto brings a psychic, transformational, and deep energy linked to the realm of emotions, while Mars provides a sense of action, competition, resourcefulness, and ambition. Read on to find out more!


Key qualities: -

● Pluto represents positive alchemy and magic on a deeper level. As the furthest planet away from us in our solar system, on an astral and energetic level Pluto provides depth, intensity, transformative powers connected to the ethereal and spiritual realms, and magnetism. Scorpio is the sign of the shamanic and telepathic, psychic, and spiritual powers. They’re extremely intuitive, so much so that one look or moment of eye contact from a Scorpio can spark intense feelings and inner sensations…

● The Scorpion, this sign’s glyph (astrological symbol) allows them to feel comfort in the realm of the subconscious mind. As a water sign, they are instinctive, psychic, imaginative, artistic, and gifted creatively and in terms of subtle perception. The hidden realm of feelings and emotions are where they thrive, and they have a lot of wisdom.


Imaginative Outlets that Serve the Soul…

Firstly, the best way to utilise the effects of this New Moon is to tune into innate imaginative and artistic gifts. As a gifted natural seer, clairvoyant and prophetic visionary (whether they’re aware of it or not) they receive a lot of hidden and subconscious wisdom from the subtle realms. This means, they are connected to both their conscious mind and subconscious mind. This allows them to receive valuable insight, wisdom, and profound creative visions and inspirational ideas from realms and dimensions many people don’t have daily access to. They are naturally psychic and clairvoyant and even clairaudient, with empathic abilities.

Instead of getting lost in addictive or repetitive cycles, drama or the 3D world, try to turn your attention to creative activities and outlets. Pick up an instrument you’ve neglected, get out your watercolour pencils or paints, write some poetry, or play around with a Tarot card deck… Spirituality, healing, and creativity are MAJOR gateways to the soul now, and therefore to abundance. The Solar Eclipse aspect adds a further dimension of being able to tune into the invisible world and realms for extraordinary insight and creativity.

Because Scorpio has the ancient ruler Mars as part of their inner driving force, you will find that this Scorpio New Moon activates a highly resourceful and ambitious streak. You can unify creativity with ambition, spirituality with making money/earning income, and soul gifts & talents with making a name for yourself, achieving success, and working towards fame or financial prosperity.


Reaping Positive Karma

Windfalls or unexpected opportunities for money making, or gifts out of the blue, may come to you if you have good karma. This Solar Eclipse activates hidden portals to all past positive experiences, sentiments, and actions, which means that anything you have yet to receive will surely come to you. Patience is required in life- there are many cycles and lessons of time to complete and experience before we can receive what is truly ours, our blessings. If you’re a good person with integrity, core morals, a good heart, and live by compassion, empathy, kindness, grace, etc. you may find some wonderful rewards for past actions.

Consider how you continue on the positive karma streak and evolve and expand. Explore how you can share your skills, gifts, knowledge, and talents with the world, within your community and local structures. Do so with pure and honest intentions, of course (not just to receive good karma!). Write books, lead, teach, inspire, make soul touching music, create videos centered around your area of expertise, share your specialist skills, coach, tutor, mentor, counsel, step into a healing role, make use of your qualifications, get involved in humanitarian or charity work, volunteer, innovate, support local organisations… the list goes on. Sharing your creative craft and artistry, or your knowledge and specialist wisdom, is important right now. The world needs your light. Scorpio’s influence allows you to use your intuition and higher mind to make decisions, and to act and speak or lead from the heart.


A Final Note

As a Fixed sign, Scorpio can be very possessive, jealous, and resentful or spiteful when hurt. This is them at a lower vibration. At a higher frequency, their Fixed nature allows them to create strong foundations and lasting change. As the main themes of this moon are inspiration, creativity, and the imagination, work towards practical structures and foundations in harmony with your gifts. Scorpio is courageous and extremely passionate, despite being known for their sweet, caring, emotional, and modest personality traits.

There’s also a positive Venus alignment/angel during this New Moon. Venus rules all things beauty, pleasure, luxury, romance, and female sexuality. Thus, you can get even more inspired through inner soul and creative gifts by recognising how we don’t just live in a competitive and masculine society. This “competition mindset,” emphasis on business over empathy and emotional depth or intelligence, and being direct and assertive without grace, sensitivity, or nurturing instincts only serves us so far. We must equally be in tune with our source of spiritual power, drawing wisdom and inspiration from the astral and feminine forces of the world.

There is a powerful sexual force present as well, as Scorpio symbolises intense chemistry, irresistible charm, and strong desires for love, intimacy, and romance. Scorpio is actually one of the most sexual signs! You should be conscious and self-aware of how your using (and expressing) your sexual energies. Shadow influences may come to the surface over this lunar cycle. You could find yourself devolving into lusty and primal desires- in excess; or wanting to evolve higher and connect to the more spiritual and higher aspects of life. If you’re in a loving relationship, consider how you can vibrate at the frequency of tantric love and divine soul union. This is a gateway to the higher consciousness and advanced, next-level, creative inspiration…


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Scorpio

Aries: “I am a force to be reckoned with when I act with sensitivity and integrity.”

Taurus: “I am a powerful influencer and natural speaker. I motivate others in multiple ways.”

Gemini: “I use my intellect and voice for inspiration and positive connections.”

Cancer: “I establish clear boundaries in my energy field to evolve creatively and imaginatively.”

Leo: “My courage and playfulness let me thrive in both business and love.”

Virgo: “I allow myself time to rest and recharge, choosing an artistic outlet to grow and expand.”

Libra: “My mind is a gateway to the divine. I tune into Venus’ realm for incredible works of art.”

Scorpio: “If I can visualise it and dream it, I can manifest it!”

Sagittarius: “I am a visionary and idealist who aims to serve the collective.”

Capricorn: “My ambition and sensuality provide for excellence when combined.”

Aquarius: “Meditation, self-therapy, and spiritual activities open magnificent doorways to higher truth.”

Pisces: “I am allowed to shine and put myself first. I am selfless, yet self-loving!”

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