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New Moon

New Moon

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Emotions Show us the Way

We are in the midst of Eclipse season and a lot is going on in the sky. On June 21st, we are going to witness a Total Solar Eclipse: the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, which will appear like a ring of fire. This cosmic event will be visible from parts of Asia and Africa.

The next three months are going to be particularly interesting for all of us, as the Solar Eclipse is happening exactly on the solstice point, 0° Cancer. The Summer Solstice (or Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere) is a very powerful moment of the year, as it dictates the energy for the next Season: having an Eclipse on this day is extremely significant.

Solar Eclipse: A Change of Direction

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a reminder to align our inner and outer world, to shift our focus from doing to being. The lesson of this sign is emotional maturity: we are invited to find a sense of safety and security within ourselves, that is independent of external conditions, from whatever is happening around us. Cancer teaches us to take it easy, to find a balance between our need for rest and self-care and the demands of the outer world.

Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini North Node, where the Eclipse is taking place. This planet has turned retrograde on June 18th, and it is also transiting Cancer. There's a strong emphasis on compassionate communication, emotional awareness, and empathy towards others. Mercury retrograde invites us to think before we speak. It reminds us to be mindful of the words we choose, both when we communicate with others and when we talk to ourselves.

Meaning of the Solar Eclipse for each Sign

Aries natives are going to feel this Eclipse quite intensely. Some tension between individual needs and the necessity to spend more time at home or with family could come up. During the next few weeks, the invitation is to take it easier and let go of other people's expectations to focus on personal life.

Taureans will mostly feel the benefits of Cancer energy: natives of this sign may feel inspired to learn something new or reach out to others to start projects that can be taken forward entirely from home. The next three months are the best period to begin a course or launch an online business.

Gemini natives tend to have a hard time slowing down. After all the mental activity of the first weeks of June, this Eclipse may inspire them to switch off the left brain. The invitation is finding contentment in simplicity, resting more, taking care of their physical body and their home.

Cancerians are in for radical changes during the next weeks: this powerful Eclipse is going to inspire them to completely redefine their outlook on life and the way they approach challenges.

This is the time to set clear intentions, clarify goals for the future, and make the first step towards their manifestation.

Leo natives may feel the need to let go of something that has been holding them back for a while. During this period, they may have the sensation they have no control over events, and that’s ok. The purpose of what’s happening is learning how to trust life, and connecting with their innate ability to overcome all obstacles.

Virgos may feel drawn to expand their network of contacts and create communities of like-minded people. This Eclipse begins a period where they will be inspired to dream big. During the upcoming weeks, the internet will offer them new, exciting opportunities to share their knowledge and have a positive impact on the world.

Libras may come across interesting professional opportunities during the next three months: some of them may decide to radically change the role they are playing in society. They could feel the tension between the need to focus on their career and the desire to spend more time at home: finding balance is possible.

Scorpios may feel the necessity to get out of the city and spend some time in nature to recharge. These natives are extremely attuned to the intense energies of this Eclipse. It may inspire them to follow their intuition and spend more time alone, cutting distractions and avoiding sources of superficial information.

Sagittarius natives could be concerned with financial issues: they may need to make important choices in this sense. The intensity of the Eclipse could bring to the forefront power struggles that have been going on for a while in intimate relationships or business. Non-violent communication and radical honesty can be key to solve these issues long-term.

Capricorn natives may feel drawn to completely shift the way they relate with other people during the next three months. The strong Cancerian energy inspires them to open up deeply and be more vulnerable. Sharing their fears and emotions from an open heart could allow them to heal the wounds they carry since childhood.

Aquarius natives may feel inspired to introduce new daily habits in their lives, that increase their overall wellbeing. The energy of the Eclipse will encourage them to commit to their work, it will be highly beneficial for their focus and discipline. Establishing a routine of healthy eating and exercising will allow them to connect deeply with their physical body.

Pisces natives are naturally sensitive: as the Eclipse is happening in a fellow water sign, they may feel extremely emotional these days. Nonetheless, their creativity will be flowing freely during the next weeks: any form of self-expression or artistic pursuit is highly encouraged as it grounds the emotional energy and balances the mood.

Blessings, Cecelia

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