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November Horoscopes

November Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd



Aries, you will need to be very mindful this month. When the sun is in Scorpio your emotions will be intense, very intense! You share the same ruler (Mars is Scorpio’s ancient ruler) and this means there is a double dose of fiery warrior energy. You pick up on this more than other signs this month. Be conscious, deliberate and intentional with your words, and make sure you’ve mastered the art or responding instead of reacting. If you’re not careful, your feelings and internal currents could come exploding through like a hurricane or destructive bolt of lightning. Channel your immense inner fire into creativity, personal projects, and your finances. Some of Scorpio’s key strengths include resourcefulness and an acute business mind; combined with powerful intuition and killer instincts, a path of success and gold can be yours. Practice greater compassion for ultimate success.




You’re loving the intensity of the Scorpio sun. As a fellow Fixed sign, this month provides for a stable and grounding energy that is making you feel secure. This helps you to achieve your goals, focus, and get down to business. Personal and shared resources, finances, savings, long-term prospects, and partnerships will be the main themes of the month for you, so make sure you spend time energizing these. Another key theme is the significance you will be putting on empathy, emotional connections, and artistic and imaginative talents! As an empathic and emotional water sign, Scorpio’s vibrations allow you to shift, grow, and evolve into higher vibrational aspects of yourself. You can really master your emotions in addition to communication style and intimate relationships this November. Be fearless to attain success.,. Scorpio is a warrior with immense inner strength- tap into this.




You will be feeling nostalgic and sentimental, if not a touch moody too, as the sun journeys through watery and psychic Scorpio. Check in with your moods and feelings, allow whatever needs to come up to do so. You may be more introspective, introverted, and reflective than usual, or you may find home and family life are taking up all your time. If you have children, this is the perfect time to start listening and initiate a process of deep healing on the homefront. Communication and understanding can be mastered! Develop the gifts of empathy, emotional sensitivity, compassion and tolerance… seek to overcome any impulsive or impatient tendencies this month as well. You can use Scorpio’s mastered artistic, imaginative, and creative sensitivities to connect to your own source of inspiration. Talents and previously repressed gifts can be explored and fine-tuned.




You feel at home in a fellow water sign month, so make the most of the easy-going and adaptable energies. This is the perfect month to take your skills and talents to the next level; creative, musical, artistic and imaginative gifts will thrive, and so will healing gifts. There’s many things you can do to feel satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. Reach out to old friends and family members- offer them your sound counsel and support. Seek to connect with new members of your tribe or community, new connections that have arisen over recent months or years but have yet to form a deeper connection with. Further, abundance and prosperity flows to you effortlessly, in addition to creating beautiful opportunities in the future, when you step into your true power; embody the role of healer and caregiver. Nurture and protect yourself. By creating a sacred space at home you will find all other areas of life flourish!




You will be busy yet content all month, Leo. There is a burning passion that is allowing you to access your full potential, best talents, and soulful gifts; whilst increasing powers of manifestation for abundance. Children, friends, family, loved ones and lovers will be taking up a lot of your time, but you will appreciate the sense of self-worth and validation they provide. There’s a lot of water and earth energy present this month… Use this to connect to intuitive, instinctive, psychic and creative/artistic gifts (Water) and ground yourself (Earth). The Full Moon opens a portal to deeper instincts and your need for security and intimacy. Keep a check on your finances too as there’s a tendency to overspend, which is birthed from your supreme generosity. Connect to, pamper, and show your love for friends & family through non-material means, such as through your emotional intelligence, kindness, and spiritual and psychological support.




The first half of the month will be creatively charged. You’re feeling inspired to start a new hobby, pick up an instrument you forgot about (or use your voice more), or fine-tune skills and talents you’ve put on the back burner. This is not the time to be overly practical or focused on domestic affairs. Your spirit wants to shine and your gifts want freedom to be expressed. When the Lunar Eclipse comes (19th) you will find much more intensity and equal grounding surrounding your desires from security, stability, and strong physical foundations. The influence from fellow earth sign Taurus aligns you with your practical-minded responsible self; find ways to be of service, or simply go over your duties and commitments to make sure everything is in order. If you’re a teacher, speaker, coach, therapist, nurse or healthcare worker (or in any similar field) you will find your services are being appreciated and taken seriously. Find ways to increase your income without sacrificing your soul!




There is a dreamy and introspective vibe that is making you feel warm, appreciated, and fuzzy inside. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be in low spirits or anything short of your social & chatty self! Make the most of the ambitious and passionate energy of Scorpio, because you can use this to your advantage in love, business, and matters of both the heart and bank. Intensity of emotions may pop up; depending on how balanced you are and how much healing work you’ve engaged in, this can either be a month of glamour and gold, or a time of frustration. Shared resources may empower you whilst limiting you simultaneously, however don’t be afraid to assert yourself and prioritize your own needs. You will always be a peace-seeking, diplomatic, and fair & just soul… Balance teamwork and harmony with your own aspirations, projects, and desires for abundance.




Be open to new sensations and expand your comfort zone… The stars are aligning in your favour! New opportunities flow to you- your resourceful, magnetic, and opportunity manifesting nature is coming into full force. Friends, family and lovers alike surround you and fill your life with a sense of magic and inspiration. Even if you do decide to spend time in solitude and introspection; which may be the case with such an ethereal and watery influence, you can still experience the bliss of connection. Happiness is the key for you this month. Follow your heart, highest joys and truest passions and you will find contentment in any physical situation or environment. Also, are you accessing your psychic gifts and divine abilities? If you’ve lost touch with this aspect of yourself in recent months or years, make sure you set conscious reminders and find ways to strengthen your Third Eye. Your third eye is like a muscle in itself.




It’s the cycle before your birthday season, and you will be feeling somewhat restless yet equally zen. Go with the flow this month. Tune into the empathic, watery, and emotionally charged energies of Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the most intuitive and instinctive signs, least to mention compassionate, so there is a way to ride the waves and make peace with the lack of excitement. Consider incorporating more creativity and imaginative outlets into your daily routine. Home life is not just security, food, netflix or movies! If you feel like you no longer have the spark you once had, don’t have as much energy and zest as in your youth, or simply need more passion and music, nature, and art; now is the perfect time to re-align. Connect to your spirit and soul and the rest will follow. Use the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus to supercharge practical commitments and financial responsibilities…. Next month brings manifestation opportunities.




Stay serene as external events are out of your control. You can direct conversations, exchanges, interactions and relationships with meaningful intentions and mindful words. But, the heightened emotional intensity and depths of Scorpio season may create temporary chaos and turmoil, so be self-aware. If you’re already in a loving and soulmate relationship and have worked hard healing, balancing, and integrating many aspects of yourself, you will find this a magical and dreamy month rich with intensity. Passion, excitement, romance, creativity and a direct line to Source, the Great Spirit, and the ethereal powers of the universe are yours. Be modest but don’t be afraid of stepping into self-autonomy and asserting yourself when need be. Try to lose the Saturnian 'self-authoritative to the supreme’ persona too. It’s important that you remain easy-going and down-to-earth, and if you can do it with charisma and optimism and a vibe that says, “I’m a boss, but I’m happy to be a team-player!” then you will win.




Either charge full steam ahead or keep a low profile this November, Aquarius. The universe is guiding you to either go after your dreams and goals with full power, or tune into the introspective, dreamy, and imaginative vibes… Scorpio is both ambitious and passionate with strengths in resourcefulness and power to succeed, and instinctive, intuitive and artistic; so there are quite a few options to choose. Whichever path you align on, commit to it fully. It’s a time for spirituality and vision when the Lunar Eclipse hits on the 19th, and although Taurus (there’s a full moon in Taurus too!) isn’t the most compatible sign, you will appreciate the grounding and zen vibes. Be open to change, sudden visitations, and unexpected events as next month is amazing for adventure. If you’re a freelancer or work from home new clients and projects will manifest quickly.




Your whole month will be centred around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Pisces... As the most spiritual and even mystical sign, you love paying attention to the cycles of the universe. Celestial energies are accessible to you as easily as breathing, and divine inspiration, life force, and creative and imaginative visions flow to you effortlessly. Be like water, yet don’t forget the power of passion and excitement (fire), logic and higher reasoning (air), and grounding and practical wisdom (earth). In fact, there is such a potent “practical dreamer” energy to the month, you can see groundbreaking progress in your career and/or vocation. Follow your highest calling- forget everything else. There will be no space left in your energy field or auric bubble when 2022 hits, and the intuitive & instinctive Scorpio vibes are perfect for laying the final groundwork for your future. Mesmerize, magnetize, and monetize!


General astrology

● It’s Scorpio season and combined with a New Moon in powerful, intuitive, and emotionally aware Scorpio on the 4th, this is an amazing month to make important changes in your life. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and death and rebirth. Alchemical forces come to you easily if you're willing to go within, put the work in for growth and self-development, and be open to the subtle powers of the universe…

● The Full Moon in Taurus on the 19th is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, making this another powerful energetic portal. Eclipses bring about a higher consciousness- they’re a chance to adapt, align, and tune into Spirit; your own inner spirit and soul, and the infinite and eternal nature of the Great spirit. Taurus is a grounded and sensual earth sign who values empathy, kindness, friendships, romance, and a path of pleasure and comfort. Explore these themes in your life. Be honest with yourself, are you getting enough of each?

● By the end of the month the sun is travelling into adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius. Prepare yourself and plan for your future; be open to higher learning, travel, and broadening your horizons through new mindsets and philosophies


Blessings, Cecelia

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