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November Horoscopes

November Horoscope - Cecelia Pty Ltd


It’s Scorpio season, and guess what? You share the same ancient ruler! Well, you’re currently ruled by Mars and Scorpio used to be, so this gives you an affinity with this seductive and spiritual sign. This month is all about soul, sensitivity, and sensuality- being in tune with your emotions and the wisdom that arises from the emotional plane. You should be very mindful of how you use your words now, Aries. If you can tame your inner animal, you will find people warming to you. Headstrong, willful, aggressive, and overpowering, you can either be a force to be reckoned with or an over-forceful tyrant in the lives of others. I would suggest being inspirational, but the choice is yours…



You could find new professional connections and opportunities flowing effortlessly to you this month, Taurus. It is your season when it comes to being seen as one of the top players, professionally. You should work that little bit harder to perfect and tweak your talents, skills, and services. Whatever field you work in, make sure you’re at your best- be at master or expert level! Then be friendly, outgoing, and warm to even people you’re trying to impress, form a professional bond with, or receive as a new client. Your key to success is to be your natural, emotionally intelligent, charming, and intelligent self in business settings. Do not give into superficial tendencies or thinking you must be stern and cold like others.



You will refine your spark for musical and imaginative hobbies this November. Scorpio season lights up your inner artist, so don’t be surprised if you’re overcome by waves of wanting to show off your guitar or singing skills or take your side hustle artwork or poetry to the next level. Imaginative, intuitive, and creative energies flow in abundance… But there’s also a vibration of spirituality, sensuality, and a seductive soul. Scorpio’s influence is intense, so remember that ‘seductive’ doesn’t have to be perceived as negative; if you are ultra-sexy and soulful with the right reasons and good intentions, you can find deeper connections. Look towards alternative routes to healing and personal growth like tantra, kundalini yoga, or crystal therapy.



This is a powerful time for self-realisation and self-reflection, Cancer. Perhaps you may realise that the distortion or lack of unity felt with a housemate is due to some misunderstandings. Scorpio season unites us by helping us to see we’re all a little mad inside! Spiritual life force and creative gifts are so high right now. You will be feeling more intuitive, imaginative, perspective, and wanting to express your inner magician more so than ever. If there’s been any confusion, disagreements, or tension with family, friends, or colleagues, you will find that conflict resolution is very likely and possible. You will further be able to see and even feel the motives and reasons behind any tension, as you're able to see multiple perspectives while accessing inner empathy. It’s a very sensitive but also artistic and expressive time.



You’re feeling conflicted this November, but inner conflict is actually a really good catalyst for you. You’re primarily intellectual and logical- very passionate too! Yet Scorpio season is all about the sultry and spiritual vibes; soul, intuition, imaginative forces… Any internal confusion you may be feeling is simply a pull in a different direction, thus take it as a positive sign that you have many opportunities. You may have formed some connections from years ago that you completely forgot about. You may have friends, peers, and potential high level business partners who you shared a resonance with, perhaps even offered a sincere gift or gesture of kindness, that have stayed in their memory. If life has become distracting, revisit your past to see what connections you may have overlooked. You are a very blessed person, Leo.



A magical month for many, but you might be feeling a strong pull towards sorting out your house and home. Domestic and financial issues take the front-seat on your priority list; however, your home and family life will be infused with creative and imaginative outlets! You will instinctively feel to create a colourful and creative environment for your children, partner, or friends, whomever you're living with. Consider playing more music around the house that uplifts, inspires, and brings feelings of warmth and unity. Togetherness and a sense of community even within the mundane routines is very important. If you have a piano, guitar, or any other musical instrument (or artistic craft) set some regular time each week or every couple days. Keeping yourself in high spirits is an act of self-care.



Your charming, charismatic, and highly intelligent self is shining through in wonderful ways. There’s a perfect balance of introspective and socially outgoing energies available to you this month, at least, this is how you’ll be feeling. Like the advice for Taurus, you should spend sufficient time energising your creative and personal talents behind the scenes. Perfect your craft, and then step out into the world with passion and enthusiasm. If there aren’t any opportunities local or in person you can travel to, seek out connections and doorways online. Social media does have its benefits! In fact, there are many online communities, organisations, and social networks you can research and contact for future projects & partnerships. Whatever you do, don’t stay in introspective mode forever. Use it as a steppingstone.



It’s your birthday season and you’re feeling your inner glow come alive. As one of the most sexual but equally soulful and spiritual signs, your month could go in many directions. You might be wanting to spend alone time with your lover, partner, or soulmate. Romance is certainly on the cards. You could be wanting to isolate for a while and boss out your professional goals. If you have a home office, you will be attached to your creative den! See it as your personal sanctuary. The universe is giving you freedom this month to do your own things, advance your aspirations and dreams, and work diligently on your talents and unique gifts. Don’t waste this opportunity- certainly don’t fall into idleness or lethargy. Keep your emotional and mental health up by engaging in daily self-care practices and get enough fresh air whilst eating healthy. Your vibe is electric with an ethereal, magnetic, and sensual charm...



It’s all about your aspirations and dreams this month, yet because Scorpio represents deeper connections; emotional bonds, spiritual connection, etc., you will equally be attending to domestic and worldly chores. Try not to neglect your duties or earthly commitments, because establishing a strong foundation is key to your success and growth. Your intuition is at an all-time high while seeing through other people’s (and your own) BS and games is core to the way you perceive now. Psychology, emotionally, and spiritually- you’re feeling on point. The only thing you need to work on is impulsive and lusty tendencies. Scorpio is the most sexual sign of the zodiac, while you are one of the most instinctive and primal. This mix can create bliss, soul-union and mind-blowing tantric intimacy on the highest of planes; or it could digress you into toxic behaviours. Aim for self-control and self-mastery of your sexual impulses.



Capricorn is the sign of the Goat who works diligently towards their goals and higher aspirations. One thing not everyone knows about you is that you have an idealistic side. People see you as modest, hard-working, and practical, yet you always have some larger vision or wish in play. Tune into this bigger-picture focus now. Skills you’ve already mastered and integrated, like organisation, problem-solving, managerial skills, and your ability to create order and financial wealth, can be used to take your endeavours to the next level. Explore your chakra system and how blocks in your energy centres and subtle energy bodies might be causing stagnation and resistance in your life. Reflect, introspect, and contemplate. Self-reflection is the ideal gateway to reaching higher states of consciousness, smoothing over past wounds & pain, and attracting prosperity.



Work your way up from Root to Crown and see your own life and personal journey as a reflection of your chakras. Energy starts in your Root, the center for security, survival, life force and physical instincts, and moves upwards until it reaches your Crown; cosmic consciousness, trust in the divine, spirituality… Awakening your kundalini can lead you to become the “perfect” and complete person you want to be. Ok, nothing is perfect, but imperfection is, in fact, a route to perfection, at least to feeling complete and whole inside. Healing is very important for you now, Aquarius. Your mind will be swimming and buzzing with new ideas, sparks of remembrance, and colourful innovative concepts to take your side hustle, career, or service to the next level. You’re a holistic and spiritual being, so spiritual and holistic practices favour you this month.



Wow, what can I say? All eyes are on you. You’re so misunderstood and overlooked, sweet Pisces. People see you as sensitive, humble, and totally unassuming. As much as these are admirable qualities, it can often leave you dismissed and neglected. Well, Scorpio is your sister sign, which makes you feel completely comfortable to be your shiny, glowing, creative, and magnetic self. You may appear a bit mad to others- we are living in a 3D constructed illusion! But to many you are being seen as the inspirational and devoted being that you are, with many talents & gifts too. It’s time to let your light and wisdom shine without fear. Aim for self-expression, courage, and personal freedom because your bravery will let others be fearless and free as well. Awaken your inner chameleon for adaptability if you ever feel shy or in doubt.


General Astrology

1. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, November 8th: A powerful Full Moon as it is combined with a Lunar Eclipse, this is the time for ground wisdom and creating a strong foundation that can lead to a bright future. Also, amplifying artistic, creative, and spiritual gifts.

2. New Moon in Sagittarius, November 23rd: Visionary and idealistic gifts, self-expansion, attracting luck, manifestation, energising goals and dreams, intuition balanced with logic, philosophy, and higher ideals.

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