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October Horoscopes

October Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

October Horoscopes



Balance, harmony and teamwork… these are the three main words for you to live by, Aries. The Libra sun pushes you towards cooperative and unifying paths and projects- are you ready to lose the need to always be number 1?! IT’s ok to strive for self-mastery, to aim to be the best, and to step into self-leadership, but if your ego has been running wild lately you might want to look towards Libra. Libra is the most peace-loving and justice seeking star sign. They’re symbolized by the Scales, and this represents truth, fairness, harmony, and equality… Libra is also your opposite, so you’re naturally inclined to find balance with the main qualities of this sign. Tone the self-assertion down. Projects and passion pursuits will thrive when you surrender a bit of control and practicing humility and grace amps up your charm and attraction. Money and finances are good this month and love is given a dazzling shine! Venus energy wins.



The Sun is in Libra, the only other sign to share your planetary ruler, Venus. This signifies magic, romance, beauty and sensuality, in addition to self-expression that can increase your prosperity savings. Connect to the Venus attributes within. Write poetry, make art, create music or jam, walk in nature daily, and let your soul shine! Soul infuses the month while your need for intimacy, authentic connection, and romance blossoms. Pleasure takes priority now, but financial prosperity and wealth flow equally increase when you follow your highest joy. Try not to worry about the small things or things you cannot change. Only attune your mind and awareness to the positive… Love is highlighted all month, and when the Aries Full Moon arrives you will be feeling energized and ready to take on personal ambitions and plans once again. Burn slow but bright and strong.



You feel content and at peace in an air month, and Libra is the most peace-seeking sign. Be mindful with your words and communications this month Gemini because you may find yourself getting irritated or confused easily. Mediation, artistic and imaginative expression, nature, and music will really help to relax you while bringing some fresh perspectives. There aren’t any worries apart from what the mind (mis)perceives, so check in with yourself- are you fully present? You can't change the past and the future doesn’t exist… Return to divine simplicity whilst strengthening the bonds, opportunities and talents you already have. Stay in your current flow and only take on new projects if

they’re truly in alignment with your best interests, highest joy, etc. You need to keep a specific focus in order to see results in the coming months.



You’re digging the peaceful homely vibes! Stay close to home and find comfort in the familiarity. Although it’s an air month (Libra sun), there are a lot of peaceful and cooperative vibes in the biosphere, so you won’t be put out of sorts or centre too much. You may find people being a bit too fiery, opinionated or dominant for your liking, however; if this is the case, turn to your evolved empathic abilities. Emotional wisdom and a genuine care and compassion for others is what will get you through turbulent times. You don’t always need to speak either- there’s actually a green light for you to stay silent and connect to your clairvoyant, psychic and imaginative gifts if you wish. Despite the chaos and highly charged currents around you, you can thrive and shine in your own unique and magical way. Use introspection as a way to manifest money and abundance!



Your inner drama king or queen might come out, and this is because you’ve had a month of quiet and reflection. Or you’ve at least been guided to be more modest and introspective than usual. The Sun is now in Libra, making you return once again to the affectionate and expressive displays you adore. Art, music, glamour, play, drama, performance and stepping into your soul gifts are back in focus, and you sincerely want to be seen! Accept your need for minor theatrics and attention, as this will help others come to terms with their own shadow traits. Darkness (the human shadow, individual and collective) transforms into light when we give it space, empathy and acceptance… In social settings try to keep your words attuned to wisdom, inspiration and upliftment instead of “lower” human opinion. If ever in doubt this month, smile and make a joke.



You’re coming out of your shell Virgo, and your friends and family love this glamorous new you! After a month of down-to-earth and chilled out vibes the Sun is now in a more expressive and extroverted position. Libra likes all things colorful, shiny, glitzy and artistic/imaginative- how are you connecting to these on a cyclic level? Whether it’s daily or weekly, make sure you have a creative and pleasure-seeking practice or routine in place. Now is not the time for monogamous regimes and boring repetition, although you can use the optimistic energy to energize any work or business projects. The universe wants to provide you with blessings, and it wishes growth and harmony for you. As the sign of ‘balance,’ make sure you make sufficient changes to balance and integrate

opposing or different forces (qualities, aspects, etc.) within yourself. Too much of the same thing will leave you uninspired…



Happy Earth Day! Another year around the sun… and oh are you wanting to shine this month... Whether your birthday falls in October or November, you can really make the most of this vital and highly charged solar cycle. Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, sensuality, pleasure and female sexuality. There is so much joy and positivity to be found- you will be in high spirits, and you can channel this optimistic energy into your work, career, finances or love life. Speak your truth and share your wisdom, as communication will feel smooth and effortless all month. Anything to be mindful of? As much as you will be on a pleasure-seeking streak, stay sincere and authentic; be conscious of superficial tendencies. One of the shadow sides of October is giving into superficiality and a solely “me-centered” approach. Remember your capacity for teamwork, togetherness, and harmony.



Stay the course Scorpio. You might see some bumps on your path, either from your past or surrounding your future. It’s ok to admit you haven’t got everything completely sorted and figured out, or that you have taken a few shortcuts or breezed through some challenging times. Now is the time to be fully conscious of your journey thus far, which includes the life lessons, and both wins and losses you’ve experienced to get here. Are you being honest with yourself? Have you skipped important healing steps? Take a deep seat dive but tune into the light-hearted air energy the Libra sun brings. Great balance can be found which can help you see the light, embody the light, and transform through some of the darker and heavier times of your past. When you feel clear and cleansed, focus on your talents… let your soul gifts shine.



A highly compatible month, you seem to thrive in a Libra solar cycle. Air and fire blend well together so you’re appreciating the cerebral, inspiring and mentally charged vibes. You can achieve a lot and use the imaginative and artistic energy to focus on your goals and personal ambitions! Like you, Libra craves the spotlight and desires attention and admiration, thus utilize this in a charming and socially acceptable way (no narcissistic or aggressive behavior!). Keep in mind the pull towards cooperation, consideration for others, and empathy because seeking to be the best at the expense of others won’t work for you now. You need to find balance and harmony within your unique talents, social position, or leadership role. If you can achieve this, you will find prosperity and gifts flow to you quite effortlessly... There’s little stress and worries this month.



Stay grounded while not being afraid to have fun. Practicalities will be on your mind, yet there is a light-hearted and joyous energy thanks to the current solar cycle. Financial obligations will keep you on path and aligned to your own journey and sense of mission or service. This increases your self-esteem and capacity to form strong and genuine bonds. And when you’ve achieved, prospered, and conquered- let your wild child out to play! Your sign is defined by an inner drive to go for gold and reach for the stars, yet who is beside you as you climb the magnificent & mighty mountain?! Show gratitude to the people that have helped you, the ones that really influenced your past, present and future. Social grace, charm and charisma will amplify your strengths, talents and unique gifts, whilst accessing self-authority sparks an interest in new connections & friendships.



Let it shine! This is one of the most fabulous months of the year for you, you’re loving the cerebral “mental” vibes, the intelligent, bright and intuitive air aspects & energies. You need to stand strong in your truth and share your own song- be fearless in using your voice. Listen to your intuition with what comes through, and what wants to come through- the things you can’t repress or deny. Ideas, wisdom, personal beliefs and philosophies, stories, emotions and senses will be swimming to you in abundance. People want to hear you speak up. Your bravery and courage in this field is what leads to longevity of finances and abundance flow, so this really isn’t the time to play small or weak. If you do find yourself giving into temporary self-doubt or low esteem, take some time for self-reflection; introspection and introverted activities will re-center and re-energize you...



Contemplative, introspective and not as social as you’d like to be, this is the time to home in on your soul talents and life’s mission. 2021 has been an incredible year for you- it’s allowed you to really make sense of your beliefs and the foundation you've created, and to get strong on your boundaries and ability to assert yourself. Creativity, inspiration, and artistic self-expression haven’t been lost or sacrificed either! October is another cycle of inspiration and co-creation. Both socially charming and extroverted and introverted and imaginative, Libra’s energy helps you to find harmony within. To accept yourself. Sometimes you want to be the life and soul of the party, other times you need to retreat and connect to your spiritual essence, in solitude. Integrate the wisdom and self-understanding that comes from ‘the Scales’ (Libra’s glyph), as anything you learn and embody this month will help you vastly in the future.


General astrology for October 2021

● The Sun is in Libra until October 22nd/23rd, making this a colorful and self-expressive cycle rich with imagination, creativity, and bright insights. Key words to describe Libra are friendly, sociable, balanced, peace and harmony seeking, pro-justice (+ fairness & equality), cooperative, creative, artistically gifted, intelligent and perceptive. Libra’s influence this month is both intuitive and imaginative and logical and analytical.

● The New Moon on the 6th falls in Libra… make a decision and follow through with it. New beginnings are symbolized.

● A Full Moon in Aries occurs on the 20th, which is the perfect time to take back your power and stand strong in your truth and convictions. Take charge, be assertive, and practice utmost honesty in your relationships and communications. Organize, plan, attune to your ambitions, and implement change. Stay positive and optimistic!

Many Blessings, Cecelia

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