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The one thing that opens doors to endless possibilities and opportunities is feeling good. We like ourselves better when we feel good, the universe likes us better when we feel good, and as a result life feels better too.

By feeling good we exist in a high vibrational state, transmitting at a high frequency, this is where our state of being is in alignment, and at the same wavelength as all of our desires.

When we create a thought with a desire and place it into the universe, often we come from a place of lack – a low frequency feeling. In order to receive, we must be at a place of having, feeling good, feeling ‘as if’ that thing we so badly want is already in our lives, this allows us to feel good, happy, whole – high vibrating feelings therefore emitting at a high frequency. We must feel complete as we are, before we receive the thing we are so focused on not having, a good place to start is “how would I feel if I had the thing?” and to start feeling these emotions. If having this thing would make you feel good, then embodying this feeling, this feel good energy allows us to tune into the vibration of receiving it.

It is a very simple process; if you feel good, life feels good and it will find other ways to be good, and therefore an avalanche of good will continue to manifest in your life and find more ways to add to this.

Look at moments in your life when you find yourself in this state of being, and notice what happens, how things start to flow with ease and good things seem to keep ‘popping up’. Anything and everything, hearing from an old friend or animals coming up to you, good news from work, the way people interact with you, finding a park, pay attention to the way life feels in those moments, almost as if it was all working in your favor…. !!

When we are in this state of being, not only is what we receive from life overflowing with good but as individuals what we give out also matches this high state of vibration. This is very important in our life, we cannot expect to receive something we don’t give out ourselves, so if we are in a low frequency state, life will give back to us experiences that match this frequency. If we are in a high frequency, what we receive from life will be a reflection of this.

So if feeling good allows everything else in our lives to also feel good, and the more we embody these high vibrating feelings the better version of ourselves we become, as a result we can be good, feel good, think good and receive good ?! ……. YES !!

Its all tied together !! – And it starts as simple as feeling good ourselves first and with our life exactly as it is in this very moment in time embodying all the high vibrating feelings that exist in the same frequency as our desires. Feeling anything less than, blocks our receiving lane as our desires do not exist in that low vibrating channel. We have to change that channel of energy we are tuning into to be in the same energy level as our desires, which exist in a high frequency, this is how we can have an open channel ready to receive.

Gratitude is a great way to tap into that frequency, when we are in a state of gratitude we are consumed by everything that we have, and our appreciation for it, shifting the focus from what we don’t have. This feeling of gratitude raises our vibration allowing for it to align with the energy of the universe. When we are grateful for all that is, we don’t have room to be weeping over anything else, it allows us to enter a state of being full of love and appreciation for all the things we have been blessed with on our journey.

Something I have been doing for quite a while now is making gratitude a daily habit of mine. I wake up and write down everything I am grateful for, people, places, things, experiences –everything. Hand writing these things and taking time to feel this appreciation and love you have for it makes you feel good, makes you feel blessed, and it grounds you by seeing all the good in your life as well as finding more and more things to be grateful for. Additionally, I also include those things I want to attract into my life by saying them as if they have already happened and showing my gratitude for them. It could go something like this;

- I am so grateful for my loving family

- I am so grateful I get to travel the world doing ….

- I am so grateful for my home

- I am so grateful for my new job as a…… which I love because….

There is no right or wrong way to do this; it’s all about showing your appreciation and how grateful you are for these things in your life. By being grateful you are vibrating at a high frequency and able to tune into the energy of the universe, you are on the same wavelength therefore able to receive your desires.

By feeling good, and embodying these high frequency feelings, you are able to welcome into your life all you desires with open arms.

Many Blessings, Cecelia.

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