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Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Creativity, Self-Expression, and Brilliance


4th December 2021


Welcome to a magical month and new year to come! This New Moon is special as it’s happening with a Solar Eclipse. The Sun symbolizes our conscious mind, willpower, and sense of self, of individuality, while the Moon represents emotions, feelings, and the subconscious mind. If you consider the symbolism of a Solar Eclipse, the Moon blocking out the Sun, you can understand what is occurring deeper and take sufficient steps to make the most of the energies available. Solar Eclipses are intense, yet any change made should be slow and gradual. Time is on your hands.

Be sure to check your natal chart for greater self-discovery. Any planets that lie in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces (the mutable signs) are where you will be influenced the most!


Key qualities of Sagittarius and this New Moon:-

● “Reach for the stars…” Sag is ruled by the glyph of the Archer, the half man and half animal creature who points his arrow towards the heavens. Sagittarius is also ruled by the planet of philosophy, higher learning, truth-seeking and cultural connections, Jupiter. This combo is perfect for letting your inner Queen or King shine in all its glory; cultivate humility, modesty, grace and morals & ethics.

● Creativity, artistic talents, intuitive + imaginative thought… These are all where you’ll shine and find your calling, if you haven’t already. Existing talents and skills can be taken to the next level with a powerful boost from many celestial bodies (the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter…). Embrace the boldness and passion of Sagittarius and be more assertive and expressive if you’re lacking in confidence, zest, or excitement.


Ground yourself with Nature’s Energy

Grounding and connecting to nature are two of the best ways to be the greatest version of yourself now. Walk barefoot in nature, sit next to or on a tree during meditation or reading a book, or an old journal, and incorporate herbal healing and medicine into your life. Plants, herbs, and flowers in the form of essential oils, herbal remedies, and plant-based medicine are the best route to wholeness. Not only do they bring harmony and inner balance, wellness and good health, they also allow you to slow down and feel self-empowered, worthy, blessed, etc. Self-esteem and personal power increase through nature therapy and grounding exercises.

Research and explore crystal therapy, specifically the best gemstones for your star sign. Knowing which crystals to use in harmony with astrology can be catalytic. Raise your vibration… It’s really that simple! Clarity, peace, serenity, emotional calmness, intuition, and inspiration flows to you with “divinatory” and “esoteric/metaphysical” forms of self-care and knowledge acquisition. Wisdom is Sagittarius’ middle name! This sign loves exploring various philosophies, world views and ancient perspectives.

Spirituality and esotericism might give you the direction you need to help overcome the intensity of a Solar Eclipse, too. Self-care and self-love are important at this time. Drama and ego are also some of the middle names of Sag, although they’re often completely unaware of the havoc they’re causing. Being so ‘light’ (positive) and ‘upbeat’ (superficial) can be draining to feminine, instorspective, or passive and submissive signs. A lot of people make sacrifices which are unheard and seldom, if not ever, spoken of, to let Sag shine and take the spotlight. Regardless of whether you’re the fiery bold one who needs to be the centre of attention, or you’re the passive, gentle, and selfless one who doesn't mind submitting to fiery and extroverted characters; grounding is in divine order. Take care of yourself, your mind, emotions & inner world, body, and spirit…


Embrace New Opportunities & Be Creative!

Be creative and express yourself artistically. Not much needs to be said here, but the significance of creative self-expression shouldn’t be undermined. New opportunities will literally fall in front of you if you step into self-authority and be courageous, fearless, and totally open-minded to life’s possibilities. Motivation, a new lease of life, inspiration, a sense of mission, personal power and destiny, career expansion, legacy and Higher Self alignment, manifestation, luck attraction, adaptability and surrender to change are all important themes of this New Moon. A cosmic clean up may have you shifting for good as well, moving away from old cycles & outgrown patterns, and shifting towards better and ‘higher’ things.


Be careful of Intense Reactions

As the Sun is quite literally blocked by the Moon, you are prone to reacting from feelings and emotions at this time. Rational & logical thought may be replaced with pure and raw emotions; and unless you’re a naturally emotional and feeling-based person (like most water and earth signs) you may not know how to handle this disconnection from the logical mind. Intuition or intuitive thought processes can help to bridge the gap, assisting you in finding comfort and acceptance with the intensity of the Solar Eclipse aspect.

Work on identifying your feelings, slowing down, and connecting to your heart space. The heart is the centre, it’s the bridge between the higher and lower self (chakras included) and higher and primal consciousness. When you connect to your heart, you can see things in a balanced and harmonious way, and you can embody or integrate multiple perspectives. The heart chakra, or energy portal, is the link to multidimensionality; the realization of there being multiple planes, dimensions, worlds and realities, and that life is an illusion.

Journal, express yourself through music, art, or poetry, garden and clean the house with upbeat or soul soothing music. Taking time to connect to your body and the world you’ve created- your personal possessions and creature comforts- will assist in activating your senses. It will equally energize and awaken your higher mind and capacity for logical, intuitive, and imaginative thought- 3 qualities which interact to form a perfect unity of self (or should). Extrasensory gifts if insight & perception are also birthed from this space of surrender and sensuality…

Identify your feelings, your true feelings. Don’t make sudden or brash decisions. Meditate, ponder life’s mysteries, or make love if you need to; just be mindful of the creative power and potential associated with a Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse. You don’t want to resort to the shadow side of Sag and become an egotistical nightmare!


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Aries: “Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes of past desires and failures. I am in control of my ego, my lust, and my mistakes.”

Taurus: “Creative visualization allows me to create new friendships, connections, and opportunities. Blessings shower on me when I speak with self-assertion and humility combined.”

Gemini: “I tap into my imagination and intuitive higher mind for abundance and prosperity flow. I can dream my world into being…”

Cancer: “I let go of past versions of myself that played small and weak for others. Appeasement, people-pleasing, and extreme sacrifice no longer works for me.”

Leo: “I seek only the positive experiences and gifts now. Lessons allow for growth, but I recognize repeated lessons and hardships are pointless if I don’t integrate the wisdom & message.”

Virgo: “My strength and practicality are a source of power and inspiration. I embrace my modest and responsible nature for the best connections & opportunities in life.”

Libra: “Colours, sounds, nature, music and the imagination make my life a wonderful play! I let myself play and give my soul full freedom to shine.”

Scorpio: “I express myself in my own unique, mystical, and mysterious way to succeed. My instincts, intuition and imagination are some of my greatest strengths!”

Sagittarius: “I Am consciousness expands in my mind and entire being…. I am light, love, positivity, truth and wisdom, and I let these qualities flow in abundance.”

Capricorn: “I am worthy of love and friendship- a thriving personal life, and a successful profession. Letting myself experience the gifts of both play and hard-work allows beauty into my life.”

Aquarius: “I am a dreamer, I am a visionary, and I am a gifted speaker. I use the power of my mind, imagination, and voice to guide me to brighter horizons.”

Pisces: “Like a snake who picks up on subtle vibrations, I am completely at One with the world around. Peace enters gracefully when I live up to my creative and spiritual potential.”

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