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Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:

Intuition & Self-Mastery


16th May 2022


This is the second eclipse this year in the Taurus-Scorpio season of eclipses. A Full Moon represents a time of completion while a Lunar Eclipse brings hidden feelings, emotions, and inner desires to light...


Self-Mastery and Alignment

A Full Moon in Scorpio is a very emotional yet high vibration time. We´re all given a chance to raise our frequency and align with a spiritual, cosmic, and higher consciousness. If you weren't aware, Scorpio is the sign of the shaman and self-mastery, so now is the time to connect to intuitive and psychic gifts for your best possible future reality & timeline. Pay attention to the subtle signs around you; open your mind to the infinite possibilities and psychic and clairvoyant impressions. A Scorpio moon reminds us that there is more than a physical body, reality, and realm, and so there is an opening for soul growth and the nurturing of spiritual gifts.

There's nothing wrong with choosing talent, self, and spiritual development over anything superficial or material! Many Scorpios are natural healers, oddballs and lone wolves too. With Pluto as their planetary ruler, they´re able to cut through illusions and blocks to self-awareness, higher seeing, intuition, etc. Pretty effortlessly. Their energy is transformational and powerful. They embody a type of ´rebirth´energy, which includes the power to transform and uplift others and change their lives, for the better. The eclipse energy amplifies this.

Self-mastery can include anything from psychological, mental, emotional, physical, financial, material, astral, sexual, subtle, or spirtual growth and inner harmony. A sense of completion in the holistic well-being and health realms enables you to finish any cycles already begun, and take ones not yet completed to the next level. You can quite literally align with your best self and life now! Past cycles, karmic contracts, toxic love or communication patterns, unresolved health issues, and spiritual disharmony can all be re-aligned and revised. To be self-mastered is to know thyself; to live life consciously and with some connection, at least, to the higher chakras and energy centres. This includes your third eye chakra and your intuition.


Soulful Ambitions

Not only is Scorpio ambitious and resourceful, but they possess soul… Essentially, use the high vibes of this Full Moon eclipse to connect to your god (or goddess!) given talents. Divine abilities and things like potently powerful instincts, clairvoyance, telepathy, and empathy are all increased and more readily available to be integrated. Ambition meets depth and sensitivity. In “muggle” terms, the question you should be asking yourself is this, “does it connect me to my altruistic, compassionate, or humanitarian self?”And, “does it help to benefit another´s life in any way?” The opposite of this, of course, is living and acting from the ego. This is not a time for selfishness, self centeredness, or egotistical gestures of self-entitlement! (Aries, watch out!)

Speaking of Aries… Scorpio and Aries share the same planetary ruler- Mars. Mars is Aries ́current ruler yet is equally Scorpio´s ancient one, from an older cycle of time. Mars´influence here activates passion, ambition, resourcefulness, and “go-getter” attitude. You´re given a Green light to go ahead to take action, making progress on your goals, dreams, hopes for a bright future, and aspirations. One sign that Aries clashes with is Cancer, yet Cancer is actually a sister sign to Scorpio. The lesson here is to learn how to balance your need for action and dominance with a more passive and gentle approach. Despite being fixed in nature (a Fixed sign), Scorpio is very balanced with both a healthy embodiment of fire (Mars) and water (Pluto).


Sex, Intimacy, and Romance

Finally, be very, very mindful of your sexual energies and how you´re exerting your power. Scorpio is skilled in the art of sex and seduction, however they also have a tendency to use their sexual power to gain control or dominance over others. You need to be mindful of this shadow side or folly of Scorpio´s, as it will be affecting us all!

Take some time, like an afternoon or evening, to explore your past relationships and sexual connections. Do you feel like you´ve learned from them, or are you aware of yourself repeating the same unhealthy or toxic patterns? You hold immense personal power and self-awareness to make change now. Making a date with destiny through exploring your shadow & sexuality expands, amplifies, and energises your higher self, and your ability to interact with others- platonic and romantic- on the most clear and pristine of levels.

Also, this is the ideal time to consult one of your healing, therapist, counsellor, or spiritual friends, or an astrologer or tarot reader (psychic), if you have any. Metaphysical and subtle energies and the wisdom and knowledge that accompanies are strong. Now is not the time for ignorance, cynicism, or irrational fears and myths surrounding spirituality and people connected to the subtle, ethereal, and spiritual realms. Quite the opposite. Astrological compatibility or simply researching your and your partner´s natal/birth chart can assist you in discovering the missing pieces, parts of the puzzle that kept you in the dark and out of the light. The unconscious becomes conscious with astrology- it's like a form of “holistic psychology.”

Be fearless and confident when it comes to opening yourself up to esoteric and metaphysical energy and insights. It could be the last cord keeping you disconnected from your soul and true path…


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Scorpio:

Aries: “My power comes from connection and true feelings, not from the fake or superficial.”

Taurus: “Toxic shadow traits help to show me the way towards the light, and to vulnerable intimacy.”

Gemini: “I can´t help others if I'm denying my own shadow or talents! Holistic living is the ultimate expression of self.”

Cancer: “If I desire true love and authentic friendships, I must first work on healing myself.”

Leo: “Intimacy is an expression of the soul, not of the ego or my desire for dominance or control.”

Virgo: “Soulmates come in many forms, from animals to friends, family, and romantic partners. I don't limit my human experience.”

Libra: “Overthinking and rationality can be the catalyst to my downfall if I don't live with soul & depth.”

Scorpio: “Self-mastery is not limited to sexual expertise! I realise this to shine spiritually and sentimentally.”

Sagittarius: “A lack of empathy and sensitivity restricts my emotional and romantic experiences… I seek change, and this begins now.”

Capricorn: “I can be both sensual and ambitious in this life. Denying either creates blocks & imbalances.”

Aquarius: “What is to be will be… But I still gain self-control over my experiences and sensual impressions.”

Pisces: “Purity and unconditional love serve me well, but I must remember to engage in self-care and boundary setting too!”

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