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Self Talk

Self Talk

How do you talk to yourself?

How do you communicate with you?

Do you come from a place of love?

Do you speak to yourself kindly?

Do you come from a place of understanding?

Would you communicate in this same way with someone you love?

How we speak to ourselves might just be the most important and significant ever-lasting conversation that we will have in our lifetime. Essentially, it is a direct reflection of our life and the experiences we are bound to have; the people we surround with, the love we receive, the environment we find ourselves in, the treatment we receive from the world – in other words, how we communicate with ourselves explicitly manifests into our reality, whether you want it to, intend for it to or not.

The average human has anywhere between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Most of these are not only found to be negative thoughts but also the same thoughts as the day before and the day before that and the one before. Imagine the percentage of thoughts you have a day that come from a place of judgment, about your body, the way you talk, repeatedly telling yourself “I am broke, I am tired, I am not good enough, I am fat, I am annoying, I am stuck, I am lonely, i hate my job, I have no time” the list is endless, and its on constant replay EVERY SINGLE DAY !!!

How different would our lives be if we had the same amount of thoughts but instead they came from a place of love? A place of positive affirmations? Imagine repeating 12,000+ times a day, “I am beautiful, I am healthy, money comes to me easily, love is all around me, I am worthy”, oh how different our lives would be …. simply because we'd find ourselves in a state of high vibration.

Negative thoughts = low vibration

Positive thoughts = high vibration

Whatever word we attach to “I am” has immense power over us, over our lives over what we are manifesting for ourselves. How can you be good enough if you don’t believe you are? How can you even for a second think your boss is going to think you are good enough if you cant even think so yourself ?!! We have the tendency to blame other people, blame our circumstances, blame our past, blame everything instead of taking responsibility for our doings, what do you think saying “I have no time” or “I am so tired” continuously every single day is going to do for you? Its going to make MORE OF THIS !!

Saying you hate yourself is only going to result in more hate, and saying you are broke is only going to make you more broke, we have to realise the power of our words and of our thoughts, or we will be prisoners to them for the span of our time on earth.

Our conversation with ourselves has the power to change our life, this can be a pretty big concept to grasp, and it can be overwhelming to try change all the thoughts we have at once and often unrealistic.

We want SUSTAINABLE progress; we want small actions everyday that over time make a big difference.

Did your brain change at all today? did you think anything today different to the day before?

A simple way to look at it as put by Dr. Joe Dispenza, (who I HIGHLY recommend) is;

New thoughts = new choices = new behaviours = new experiences = new emotions = new thoughts !! This is EVOLUTION.

With new thoughts we change the way we act which changes the way we feel, these three things together create our personal reality.

So, what are you doing today differently? What thoughts will you be thinking? How are you going to be better?

Affirmations are life changing; you can write them down, say them out loud, repeat them in your head, look at yourself in the mirror, it does not matter, the key is in being consistent. Whenever you get a thought you recognise as negative, simply replace it with an affirmation, this will instantly raise your vibration. If you look at yourself and think a thought born out of hatred, repeat to yourself “I love and approve of myself” over and over, I can promise you it makes all the difference in the world.

At first it will feel funny, and you might think “how can I tell myself I am beautiful/tired/broke/etc when I don’t believe I am?” Welllll, you have told yourself otherwise for 20+ years, one single affirmation isn’t going to magically change your belief system, you have to work at it everyday, Thoughts CAN be changed.

Saying “I am beautiful” is so much more than your physical appearance, it invites beautiful things into your life, beautiful experiences, beautiful friendships, beautiful thoughts, and create a loop of beautiful all kinds of things.

"If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do"

Looking at yourself in the mirror, right in your eyes and repeating affirmations has to be one of the most powerful yet confronting exercises, I invite you to include it into your everyday, try it for a week then for two and three and then a whole month and see how you go, how it makes you feel, pay attention to what feelings come up, what thoughts arise. Look at yourself and say you are proud, express your feelings of love, of gratitude, you have overcome so much, learnt so much, achieved so much, and you are still learning, still growing, so much to be thankful for, so much to love about you so much to love about life.

AUTHOR:  Valeria Loggiodice


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