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September Horoscopes

September Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

September Horoscopes


It’s time to get practical and focus on the small details in your life. Take control and care of your finances, work duties, and all matters related to work and money. It’s Virgo season, a time of practicality and hard-work, and domestic affairs on the home-front. You’ve had a few months of play and, hopefully, passion and romance! Now is the time to get more serious with your long-term vision. Re-energize or meditate on your vision board- become more mindful of daily habits that influence your life, work, and health routines. The more you get your practical affairs in order, the more you’ll feel motivated to develop a strong self-care routine. And, passion and love will increase in your life.... You’re a very expressive and physical person, Aries. Don’t underestimate the power of your libido or platonic passions.



There’s a bounce in your step, Taurus, yet you’re feeling mellow and chilled too. When the Sun is in a fellow earth sign, you’re full of laughter and positivity. And this is because you know you must stay optimistic to finish projects, attend to practical affairs, and sort out finances and responsibilities. There’s no need to stress or fear this month- as long as you energize your emotional, psychological and even spiritual health, physical matters will work perfectly. The Full Moon in mystical Pisces can teach you the real meaning of divine timing, perfect timing and divine alignment. Always bring it back to your connection to Self if ever in doubt. The world around you is a reflection and manifestation of what occurs inside, so your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, impressions and subtle currents hold great significance at this time.



Be prepared for a restless month. You’re still on a high from Leo season and a summer of love, creativity, and play. You’ve most likely had opportunities for your wild side to come out. So, unless you’ve got a set work schedule or non-flexible commitments, this month will go one of two ways. You can either be utterly spontaneous and take a random trip somewhere, solo or with friends, or you will have to stay home and create your own fun. “Fun” can mean different things... If you’re unable to take a road trip, work on your health and daily routines and habits. Virgo is ruled by the 6th house of work, health and daily routines, thus you can get a steady groove in place if you stay disciplined. Focus, concentration, discipline, motivation and perseverance are your key words!



The sun is still shining, so get outside and enjoy it! Summer isn’t over, although you will be feeling a pull towards getting practical affairs in order, just like everyone else. Virgo is not only compatible and harmonious with your energies but also helps you to stay grounded and focused. Make sure your long-term vision, goals and dreams are still aligned to who you are. Anything you wish to manifest, achieve & accomplish can be yours, with hard work. This isn’t the time for mystical fairytale dreams or relying solely on the power of the subtle universe to work in your favor (there’s a Pisces Full Moon for this!). Now is the time to use practical magic, wisdom rooted in past experiences and qualifications and successes, to manifest your bright future.



Back to reality Leo, and to ground zero. This is a new cycle for you as you’ve just had a birthday season. The Sun is now in practical and responsible Virgo, therefore it’s time to restart, recentre, and realign. You’re still feeling the sensual, playful, and majestic energies from summer, and there’s no reason to disconnect from your wild or primal, romantic and intimacy loving side by any means. You can still allocate sufficient time for romance and love dates! Just be mindful that there is a lot of practical and efficient energy available to get stuff done. Think in terms of abundance, wealth, and professional success and achievement- who do you aspire to be, and what inspires you?! Make use of the small details but don’t play it small, dream big and aim for becoming the best version of yourself.



Happy birthday! This is a wonderful month with a down-to-earth and chilled out, yet highly practical and responsible vibe. You’re feeling motivated and mentally capable of going after your biggest and most daring goals and dreams, but you achieve it with grace and effortless style... Don’t be scared of being slightly introverted or magnetic and receptive. Your natural frequency, being a feminine earth sign, will work to your advantage all month- and the Full Moon in your opposite sign Pisces gives an extra dose of magic & inspiration. The only things that should be on your mind are the money you make, the way you can provide for your family, and the self-love you show yourself; there’s no time for stress or illusionary worries! Fears are ‘false evidence appearing real,’ time is only ever now. You can learn the meaning of being at One with the divine and the universe through spiritual Pisces, so find ways to connect to your inner spirit on the 20th.



The universe is sending you subtle messages and cues about what makes your soul sing and what puts you in alignment with your best life. Don’t ignore them! The Virgo sun helps you get in tune with your instincts, which are a powerful force if you know how to trust in your bodily wisdom and senses. Ruled by Venus, you’re one of the most balanced signs and this is because you’re masculine in nature (air) whilst also being feminine (your ruling planet). This is a feminine energy month, therefore you’d be best off connecting to the Venus influence in your life. This means music, art, sensuality, imaginative self-expression, introspection, practicing inner peace, and gentle movement and meditation activities. Once you’ve found your inner sanctum, turn your attention towards your duties, responsibilities, finances and domestic life. Aim for self-mastery.



You’re not one to shy away from a challenge, but (un)fortunately (the paradox!) life will be easy and blissful this month. Virgo is deeply compatible and considered a soulmate in astrology. This influence has you finding many moments of intimacy and authentic connections with loved ones. Imaginative, artistic, and creative inspiration comes effortlessly to you, and you’re basically a money magnet. New opportunities and connections are all around- all you have to do is take sufficient time for focus and stay motivated. Explore your desires for money, fame, success, abundance or social recognition, as these can be energized and integrated in a way that is in alignment with your soul. Don’t worry about other people’s judgements or distorted perceptions, do you! You have enough people who see you and love the being you are.



Transform your restlessness into positive energy and motivational activities straight away. Virgo’s energy provides an opening for financial abundance, professional expansion, and real progress on the work and health front. Yet, it can also make you restless and impatient. There are jewels of wisdom in the shadows, so try to see the beauty and lesson in the things that trigger you. You strongly dislike small details- you prefer to see the bigger picture and ‘vision.’ But life has many frequencies, many vibrations and energetic currents that apply in different moments. Lots of self-discovery and personal growth is available now, and the feminine energy that resides over September may help you to see where you have been too masculine, boastful, or aggressive in the past, if you should let it. Are you open to healing and change...? If you require solace, use the Pisces Full Moon as a safety net. Pisces is the dreamer and visionary who shares in your creative passions!



Get back into your steady and foolproof groove. If anyone knows how to work hard and stay focused and disciplined, it’s you. This month is all about practical and professional accomplishments for you. Regardless of what’s going on in the world around you, stay aligned and committed to your personal path and goals. You’ll find a beautiful blend of practical and duty-focused energy and visionary vibes this month. The Sun’s in earth sign Virgo while the Full Moon on the 20th occurs in water sign Pisces, and they’re opposites! This means perfect balance and harmony is in order. Seek perfection in all you do, however make sure you recognize the dualistic (yet complimentary) forces needed for real manifestation, creation, and success. Balance duty with adaptability, practicality with spirituality, effort, and determination with going with the flow, and resourcefulness with surrender.



You’re still on a high, Aquarius, and you won’t be wanting to come down any time soon. To save yourself the pain and boredom of restlessness, something you despise, learn to adapt to the earthy and grounded energies of the month. Adaptability and surrender are your keys this September. Embody a disciplined and thoughtful mindset, use your mental powers and intellectual and logical gifts to find centeredness and stability for practical goals. Financial prosperity and windfalls of abundance can come to you, effortlessly, if you know how to work hard and stay the course. Lose distractions, but don’t deny yourself simple pleasures. If you want to sing, dance, make love, play, paint, be creative, or let your inner wild wo/man shine for a bit, allow it. Self-expression will never leave your life... This month is all about recognizing when you need to focus and when it’s ok to give into freedoms.



Prepare to be wooed and spoiled! This may be rare for you, sweet soul, especially seeing as you’re always the one giving, sacrificing, and healing or helping others. While the Sun is in Virgo you will be learning the true meaning of balance, of giving and receiving. Be open to the love, gifts, kindness, compliments and affections people want to give you. You’ve most likely spent the first half of 2021 engaged in deep self-care and soul alignment- you’ve also been working on your capacity for embodying spiritual and psychic gifts, including your natural vibration of being the healer. Now is the time to be grounded and seek harmony. Let yourself experience vulnerability and sensitivity, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Passion, intimacy, romance, friendships, work projects, spirituality, and health & fitness are all key themes for you this September... Virgo season provides an opportunity for true love within and around.


General astrology of September 2021

1. It’s Virgo season, coupled with New Moon in Virgo (7th). The key themes to be mindful of and seek integration are: discipline, duty, responsibility, practical affairs, domestic life, friendships & family, health & fitness, daily routines, work, service, helpfulness, and feminine qualities (empathy, kindness, emotional wisdom, caring, generosity, instincts and sensitivity).

2. The Full Moon is happening in Pisces (20th), the most spiritual and evolved sign. Tap into your unlimited source of inspiration and creativity, artistic and imaginative gifts are amplified, as are musical and poetic talents. Intuition, clairvoyance, divine connection, soul resonance and alignment, and compassion are also available to you.

Blessings, Cecelia

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