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Spirit Animal Guides Which animal has chosen you?

This blog is about Spirit Animal Guides

A Spirit Animal Guide is a reflection of your inner-spiritual self. It is possible to have several spirit animals over the course of your life but once an animal becomes part of you, that animal remains with you and never leaves.

One of the primary tenets of the Native American culture is their profound Spiritual relationship with Mother Earth and a deep connection with the natural world. This knowledge also includes the understanding of the role Animal Spirit Guides hold in their lives.

“American Indians view all things in creation as having spiritual energy. All things are connected and worthy of our respect and reverence. Our way is to seek balance and harmony within the complex tapestry of life called the Great Circle of Life.  As we move within the circle, we emphasize these truths:

Everything on earth is alive:
Everything on earth has purpose:
Everything on earth is connected:
Everything on earth is to be embraced.

A principal tenant of our belief is that all things are connected and we are related to all things in the circle.

All things on Earth Mother and all things in the Universe are capable of being Spirit Guides. Why? Because the Spirit of the Creator is in all things.”
- Manataka American Indian Council

Personality traits and characteristics may be associated with your particular Spirit Guide. The guidance provided by your Animal Spirit guide may manifest in skills you may have developed over the years or indeed abilities yet to be discovered, you may respond to their guidance on an emotional level, or you may receive guidance through thoughts and images.

There are a number of ways in which you may seek to identify and connect with your Animal Spirit guide. Meditation and clear intent would appear to be the primary path to establishing a spiritual relationship with your personal Animal Guide. Spending lengths of time in nature, taking time to listen and observe what is occurring around you: and taking the time to ground yourself in the immediate moment, are all seen as pathways to meeting your animal spirit-guide.

Here are some of the most common animals and their meanings:

The bear is a symbol of strength, offering support during difficult times in our lives. It stands for leadership and fearlessness, confidence and courage. If the bear is your spirit animal, it is likely you prefer to live a solitary lifestyle, staying away from crowds and instead enjoying your time resting.

The deer is strong and determined, with gentle qualities. If your spirit animal is the deer, it is likely you are highly sensitive and have very strong intuition. You will have innocence about you and be in touch with your inner child. You are vigilant and graceful.

The snake as a spirit animal represents healing, transition and transformation. These could be physical changes, emotional or spiritual. You will also have healing abilities.

The horse spirit animal signifies the drive to succeed, instinctiveness and a strong sexual energy. You are passionate, independent and motivated. You are able to overcome obstacles and pursue goals — regardless of anything that might stand in your way.

The butterfly symbolizes personal transformation and change. Whether you are experiencing these yourself, or helping someone else. The butterfly brings the message that you can handle change gracefully. It stands for rebirth or renewal, playfulness or a life cycle change.

The cat stands for patience, courage to explore the unknown and self-discovery. It represents harmony between two sides of life; that of light and the dark. It provokes courage, adventure, healing and independence.

If the coyote is your spirit animal, it might be there to let you know you need to stop taking life so seriously. It is a symbol of playfulness and magic of life. It means you are adaptable and warns you to be aware of your surroundings.

The turtle is a symbol of the Earth and symbolizes peace. It reminds you to slow down, pace yourself; and represents determination, persistence and emotional strength. If you need to feel grounded or you seek success in life, call on the turtle spirit to help guide you.

The tiger represents willpower, courage and personal strength. It represents unpredictability and aggression (which might be directed at you, or felt by you towards someone else). The tiger trusts its intuition, acts fast and lives life with spontaneity. The tiger also symbolizes physical strength, vitality and health.

If you have the whale as your spirit animal, it means you should listen to your inner voice. The whale represents an understanding of your own emotions and it generally means you are a realist. It has a connection to physical and emotional healing, emotional rebirth, family and communication.

The dolphin spirit animal is a symbol of good luck (according to sailors for centuries who have thought dolphins to be good omens). It is a peaceful animal, protective and playful. If you have a dolphin as your spirit animal, it represents inner strength, morals and self-confidence. If you connect with a dolphin, it generally means you are a peaceful person with deep inner strength.

I highly recommend you take the time to find your animal spirit. It’s amazing what you could learn about yourself, and your life, by doing so.

Wishing you a multitude of Blessings, Love and Light!


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