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The beginners guide to tarot reading

This blog is about the  beginners guide to tarot reading

Tarot reading does sound like an awfully fun skill to have – you would be very popular at parties! Tarot seems to be something that everybody is fascinated by, but no one really understands. So, we thought we would go through some of the basics but bear in mind this beginner’s guide won’t be enough for you to buy your own cards and start doing readings for other people. It takes years to be able to do that.

If you were to have a tarot reading, your psychic would ask you to choose cards from the tarot deck, and then will give an assessment of what your future holds based on what they see in the images on the cards.

Usually you will come to a reading with some questions that you want answered, or specific areas of your life that you need guidance about. The cards that you choose will provide reflections of the areas you are focusing on.

The cards that show up your reading are meant to be messages for you, about how to grow and where you need to change. They should give you guidance as to what you are doing right, solace where something may have gone wrong, and above all positivity and potential for your future.

Tarot cards have a set number in the deck, so a set number of cards could come up. The same card will not have the same meaning for everyone’s life however. It will depend on many individual factors and also what other cards present themselves in the reading as well.

Each deck has 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana cards and then 56 Minor Arcana cards which are split into 4 suits of 14 cards each. The suits are wands, cups, swords and pentacles. The Major Arcana cards are more reflective of your personality and characteristics, whereas the Minor Arcana tell more about the day-to-day goings on in your life, and what is in store.

Some popular cards and the meanings that might accompany them include:

The Lovers
The Lovers card is a strong sign that love is central to your life and happiness. The message of this card is to find inspiration in yourself and belief in your own ability to love.

The World
This card can mean growth and new beginnings, travel and broadening horizons, or positive enlightenment, or that lovely rewards are coming to you in your life.

The Empress
This beautiful card symbolises Mother Earth and can mean sensuality, fertility or pregnancy, or the union of two souls as one.

Contrary to what you might automatically think, the Death card is not necessarily a bad one. In fact, it can be a positively wonderful one. Death means the end of something, but a significant change and new life lies on the other side of that.

The Sun
Also, a good one for positive moving forward, the Sun can represent harmony, unity, health and is generally the sign that something is really going right for you.

Well, it is only a beginner’s guide. For more information, absolutely contact one of our psychics  on 1300 784 584 if calling from outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277. They are anything but beginners here and will give you the full benefit of their wealth of experience. Blessings, Cecelia.

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