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The link between Spiritual Energy, Health and Serenity

This blog is about the link between Spiritual Energy, Health and Serenity

While people call it a variety of things - qi (chi) in ancient Chinese medicine, Kundalini - in Indian yogic traditions or just simply vital energy, spiritual energy can be a great power in our lives if it is cultivated and nurtured in a fruitful way. Although on some level our physical energy is connected to food and sleep, we can all think of times when we may have been hungry or tired but still felt fully alive with the energy of life pulsing through our bodies. This is the power that spiritual energy can have over us. It's also important to acknowledge that blockages or stagnation in our spiritual energy can cause issues in our lives or for our health, for example, a blockage of the 5th chakra, or the throat chakra can significantly impact our ability to communicate out of fear and express ourselves in the world, as well as causing physical symptoms such as head, neck and shoulder pain or a sore, hoarse throat.

The key to keeping our bodies running smoothly and living a life true to ourselves is making sure that our spiritual energy is also balanced and flowing, and the chakras are clear. Take a look at these suggestions to gently bring an awareness to the level of spiritual energy you feel, and to increase the flow in your life.

Perform Your Daily Spiritual Exercise

Setting aside time each day to enjoy the nourishing and rejuvenating qualities of your favourite spiritual exercise, such as meditation, visualization, yoga or chanting, helps to connect you with your inner goals and gives your heart and mind space to grow and purify. Although it can be hard to regiment a time into each day to take time for ourselves, this action can pay dividends in terms of bringing much fruit and reward to our lives. This isn't just about a spiritual force that's outside of you, it's about your inner wellbeing, your goals, your loves and your needs, and such a break from the rush and craziness of the world can become your little spiritual oasis.

Do Something Kind For Another and Receive Kindness in Turn

Giving and receiving graciously, generously and often helps to build compassion and in the same process improve the flow of your spiritually energy. Such generosity is a connection with another being based on love and trust, no matter how simple it might be, and can prove energising and encouraging. Giving not only helps another, it also improves self love, as it helps you to see and appreciate yourself for your own kindness towards others. Giving doesn't just have to be financial, give your time to elders who would appreciate a kind helping hand or listening ear, and you don't have to go far to spread love - most of us have plenty to on that front just within our own homes showing kindness and understanding to our spouses or family.

Talk About Your Spiritual and Life Goals

We all need to talk from time to time with someone who understands us on a deeply spiritual level, who can understand and hear our innermost goals for our life and spirituality. Talking with someone experienced in spiritual energy work or a well-practised psychic can help you tune into areas of your life you need to focus more work on, and where you can admire the fruits of your efforts so far. If you are in some trouble in regards to your energy flow, an experienced professional can help you talk through the difficulties and release the blockages for better flow and synchronicity in your life. A particularly experienced energy worker or psychic can advise you on various practises or tools you can use to increase your spiritual enegry or unlock blockages, such as certain visualisations, chants, scents, colours or crystals that align with the chakras you are struggling with and can help to open energy flow there.

With a conscious and open minded look at the process of spiritual energy moving through your body, you can optimise this flow bringing happiness, health and good fortune to your everyday life.

Wishing you all a multitude of blessings, love and light.


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