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The seriously extraordinary Edgar Cayce the greatest Seer

This blog is about the seriously extraordinary Edgar Cayce the greatest Seer

Edgar Cayce was possibly the greatest ‘Seer’ the world has ever known. As a young woman the discovery of Edgar Cayce and his work - quite literally started my decade’s long journey of inquiry, education, exploration and spiritual expansion. Without his extraordinary work the concept of "meditation," the existence of the "Akashic Book of Records," and the terms "spiritual growth," "auras," "soul mates," and "holism” would not be in use today.

This otherwise ordinary man, devoted husband, father of two and passionate Sunday school teacher was born in 1877 and passed over in 1945. Described as a true Mystic, he answered questions on a hugely varied number of subjects including Healing, Reincarnation, Humanity and Wars, Atlantis and its demise, and future events; all the while deep in a trance state. Such was the nature of his trance state a biographer gave him the nickname, "The Sleeping Prophet”

Throughout his life he unfailingly demonstrated one of the most powerful psychic talents in known history. Countless individuals, myself included, have been touched by the life work of this man who’s’ humble background belied the fact that he would become a blessed and powerful portal between spirit and matter, providing access to a vast source of unrealised esoteric wisdom and knowledge. Edgar Cayce was multifaceted in his talent and was without doubt, the most authentic and Talented Psychic the world has ever experienced.

This gentleman practiced reading the entire bible each year, seeking the required insight to reconcile his Christian beliefs with the Metaphysical knowledge he accessed while in deep trance state. What was remarkable was the ease with which he was able to place himself in this trance or deep ‘sleep state’. It is said that he would simply lie down, close his eyes and folding his hands over his stomach, enter a state of relaxation and meditation that provided him simultaneous access across the space/ time continuum. Then, provided with the name and location of an individual anywhere in the world he would speak in a normal voice and give answers to any questions about that person that he was asked. The answers were written down by a stenographer, who kept one copy on file and sent another to the person seeking the reading.

While in this state he would respond to questions that addressed both the spiritual and the practical. The questions ranged from “What is humanity’s purpose and why are we here?" to something as straight forward and practical as ‘How may I cure my child’s nightmares? His responses’ to these questions became known as "Readings" and contain insights’ so valuable that to this present day, people seek his books for practical help on everything from how to establish a well-balanced diet and healing their relationships, to overcoming life-threatening illnesses and experiencing a greater connection with God.

Many would consider Cayce the founder and originator of the principle beliefs of the New Age movement. Though he died more than half a century ago, the relevance and density of the material contained in the ‘Reading’s’ is evident in the dozen or so published biographies and titles, (over 300 to date) that discuss in-depth various aspects of Edgar’s life and work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short insight into the amazing life of Edgar Cayce, and personally give thanks for having read ‘Out on a Limb’ by Shirley MacLaine, in my early 20’s. It is Edgar’s quotes’ (found in her book) that provided me the springboard into the endlessly unfolding world of the Metaphysical.

“A soul mate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up with again and again, in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.” ~ Edgar Cayce

Wishing you all a multitude of Blessings, Love and Healing.



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