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Understanding the Astral Plane and Astral Travel

This blog is about understanding the Astral Plane and Astral Travel

Astral Projection is a very common occurrence.  Five to ten percent of the world’s population has experienced a conscious out of body experience at least once. Astral Travel or Projection, are terms used to describe the ‘out of body experience’. The existence of the Astral Plane and the Astral body is recorded in texts and esoteric material pre-dating cultures as ancient as the Phoenician, Chaldean and Sumerian.

Historically, in both the East and West, the existence of the astral body or the subtle body has long been acknowledged, and on the basis of that recognition, profound esoteric healing techniques and modalities were developed. These healing practices remain widely used to this present day with great efficacy.

Think energy Healers, Reiki Master’s, Distance Healing and any number of practitioners specifically working with the energetic body. Classically, the Astral Body is described as an intermediate body of light linking the rational soul to the physical body, while the astral plane is an intermediate world of light between Heaven and Earth. Astral projection or travel signifies the astral body leaving the physical to travel the astral plane. It’s interesting to note that widespread accounts of ‘Astral Travel’ are documented in religious texts worldwide. Commonly the texts describe the experience of ‘spiritual/astral travel’ as the ‘soul’s journey or ‘ascent’ into the higher realms.

For many of those who practice conscious Astral Projection, the experience,  from the first instance, validates and reinforces the understanding that life after the death of the physical body - is a reality. All describe the experience of finding themselves outside their physical bodies, totally aware and present, able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Given that this is how all people who’ve experienced a spontaneous OBE or a conscious Astral projection describe the world encountered in the Astral, it is impossible to dismiss the premise that life in the physical is just a moment’s journey away from our source of origin – our spiritual home.

Today, most of us are comfortable with the notion that we are energetic beings functioning within an infinite universe of energy and matter. But to keep it simple – we astral travel in our sleep. When we dream, we are unconsciously engaging in astral projection. In so much that when you are sleeping your soul leaves your body.

There is a physical ‘button’ or switch’ if you will, that is activated when you are deep in meditation, sleeping or engaged in conscious Astral projection or travel.  The switch, located deep in our brains, is known as the pineal gland and it releases a chemical known as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). This chemical is what impels your soul from your body when sleeping, triggers the near death experience and activates the passage of the soul when the body is dying.

In reality few of us have any control over what the soul does when we are sleeping, in fact it is understood that when sleeping it is our subconscious in control. The difference between unconscious astral travel when asleep and dreaming; and practiced astral projection, is that with conscious astral projection you are able to control where your subtle body or soul travels in the first place. It is often described as ‘conscious or aware sleep’.

The benefits of practicing conscious astral traveling and out of body investigation are immeasurable as it spreads beyond the boundaries of the physical and rational. A great many people experience a profound shift and an inner blooming of their spiritual being, their perspective of themselves as spiritual and physical beings undergoes a transformation. They experience life with greater consciousness and vitality, certain in the knowledge that they are more than just a physical being destined to lead a short, physical only, finite life.

Many state the experience of connecting with a vast, universal energy – to the source itself. A transformation of understanding occurs, seemingly impenetrable fears, limitations of belief, cultural and religious impositions are shattered, leaving them with expansion and depth of personal inner freedom not previously encountered.

The benefits of practicing Astral Projection are too numerous to list. However should this short article resonate with you, and you feel directed to look into this soul enriching discipline, there are many reputable and authentic teachers of Astral Projection available for contact and information. As always, I urge that you do your ‘research’ prior to embarking on finding a teacher or instructor for intended personal transformation work and as ever, trust your intuition!

From the astral world we come at birth, and there we shall return at death. Someone asked me why we should try to connect with the astral world now. To this I reply, "Because that is where you will realize the freedom of your true nature. You were there as a soul cloaked in an astral form to start with; and because you are not there now and have lost that memory is why all your misery persists." By entering that other world, we learn the causes and healing of all suffering and diseases. We discover the secret of our existence—what happens after death, and where we were before birth, and how to live in the material world without losing our divine connection” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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