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What does it mean to have spiritual clarity in your life

This blog is about what it means to have spiritual clarity in your life

There are times in our lives when our individual journey or path is clear and everything flows harmoniously, doors seem to open up easily for us and we meet just the right person at just the right time and all appears to be moving according to our intentions. And then there are other times where our sense of self and purpose appears clouded; the path obscured, often by life circumstances and challenges and we experience somewhat of an internal void – a loss of understanding and connection to Spirit. What is the difference in these two situations and how do we turn our position around from being blocked to being more open and connected to our goals and purpose?

Maintaining spiritual clarity in the face of adversity of any description is incredibly challenging. And when we are in the midst of a ‘dark night of the soul’ moment, often the most we can do is hold firmly to the understanding (even if you are not feeling it at that moment or time) that we are indisputably connected to the light and love of the universe, and that the prevailing circumstances of the time will change. The reward for having come through the challenges? A renewed sense of clarity and purpose and connection! So how do we increase our spiritual clarity and live a more rewarding life?

Take back responsibility for your life and your path

Our path and meaning in life can become lost and clouded when we give up responsibility for ourselves and unwittingly give the control of our lives to someone or something else. Taking back responsibility means becoming aware of what’s true to you and what you really want out of life, and to assess where you are on that path. Although our intentions often come from the best place,it’s all too common for us to prioritise what others want over our own needs.

Take a look at where your time is going and what you’d really like to be doing. Could you save money somewhere in order to take more time off work to spend with family? Is there a certain obligation that’s draining too much of your time and energy that you need to reassess your commitment to? Bringing awareness is the first step to evaluating your status in respect to your clarity on your life path.

 Tune in to your inner guide

Sometimes we need help understanding ourselves in order to tune in to our true purpose. With the help of a psychic medium or spiritual healer you can delve into your innermost being, identifying your deep values and ambitions to bring greater clarity and meaning into your life. A medium or healer can help you access these innermost impressions by assisting you in opening up the Chakras, unblocking energy channels in the body, or contacting spiritual guides or deceased loved ones through psychic channeling to gain more perspective on your situation.

By learning to access deeper and intuitive sources of guidance you will receive a stronger and surer sense of clarity in your life to guide you towards your goals.

 Visualise and manifest your goals

Having explored and gathered the sources of your information, it’s important to culminate and integrate these into a clear vision of your goals and path. Visualising your goals helps to crystallise them in your mind, which gives you a firm sense of inspiration and vision on your path. This also allows you to be clearer on what choices will bring you closer to your goals when you are faced with a difficult situation.

When presented with a conflict, tuning in to your goals and values helps to make the path clear so you can act with confidence. Manifesting your goals means keeping them in mind so that day by day you can take steps to approach your goals and eventually attain them.

Focus on the path as well as the destination

Living a fruitful life is about so much more than just achieving a rigid set of goals. It’s about how you live your life, the meaning you carry with you and how you express your values and love for yourself and others. The path towards your goal should be just as important as what you want to achieve overall, and having clear values and priorities will help to guide your path.

There’s more than one right way to live your life, and the choice will always be individual. Discussing your goals and guidelines for a happy life with someone else can help you reflect on your choices and evaluate whether they are crucial and beneficial. By taking time to let go of the past, connect with your inner feelings and values that are divinely guided, and set clear guidelines on your path to achieve your goals, you can have a more purpose driven life, saturated with love and clarity.

Wishing you all a blessed and rewarding year,


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