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What does working with Spirit and Source Based Knowledge mean

This blog is about what working with Spirit and Source Based Knowledge means

If you have a particular interest in the world of energy and spirit then it is likely that you are familiar with the particular ‘space’ many healers will speak of when consciously engaging with or harnessing Spirit and Source Based Knowledge.

It might best be described as entering a particular space/time continuum whereby in the midst of the consultation (if you will) diagnosis or deep knowledge is ascertained through energetic means. Put more simply, a three- way conversation occurs almost simultaneously between client, practitioner and spirit realm.

Intuitive Practitioners and Meta-Physicians of all persuasion’s and in any number of disciplines consciously engage and work with spirit through their chosen medium. This topic has been addressed and masterfully communicated by any number of luminaries, masters and prophets, both ancient and contemporary. Think Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, Buddha, Rumi, Osho, Buckminister Fuller, and any number of a long line of self-realized “light workers”.

Anyone of the team, including myself could not better describe the state of heightened awareness that serves to ‘shift’ or open the conduit that allows healing, source-based knowing and authentic communication with spirit and the beings of light serving humanity and our planet. One of the necessary steps prior to providing a Psychic Consult or Reading is identifying and connecting with the clients individual ‘energy field’

There are a number of ways this may be achieved by the individual practitioner. Commonly the Consultant will ask the client a number of pertinent questions thereby facilitating the process of discerning the client’s energetic signature and providing the means for successful connection and dialogue to occur between the realm of spirit, intuitive practitioner and client.

Evidence of this state of hyper-awareness and connection with the Spiritual Realm can be found in all cultures and all throughout history. Shamans, Mystics, Oracles, Druids, Wise Women and Healers stretching back from the beginning of known history through to our present day reality.

Interestingly and despite the damage wrought by centuries of circumscribed thought, dogma and the subjugation of ancient knowledge and wisdom by major religions, our ‘inner knowing’ survives, as strongly relevant to our lives today as it ever has been. Thus demonstrating that which we know as a collective consciousness to be true and self-evident. And that is, the spiritual realm is as real as the physical world we exist in.

The spiritual realm may in fact determine what manifests in the physical realm. What the mystics, master’s and enlightened have taught over centuries is now supported by conclusions arrived at through the science of Quantum Physics and  Quantum Mechanic’s, and that is; Quantum Physics clearly demonstrates that everything we know and are aware of (consciously or not),  is all energy or light. Given that premise – it is definitive - that all thought, all emotion and all that is spirit is intricately connected and enmeshed.

So when next Spirit guides you to seek a Psychic Consult or Reading, trust that you will be guided to exactly the ‘right’ Psychic Practitioner at exactly the ‘right’ time and permit your chosen Psychic to move into their Sacred Space, identify your personal energy and establish their unique means of communication with the Spiritual Realm.

"The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit." ~ Angeles Arrien

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