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What is the difference between Phone Psychics versus Fortune Tellers

This blog is about the difference between Phone Psychics versus Fortune Tellers

Most people are not aware of the distinction that exists between Phone Psychics, Meta-Physicians and self -described ‘Fortune Tellers’. There are many differences when you peel back the layers.

Aural guidance and knowledge provided by Phone Psychic’s is based on the premise of providing inspired and source-based direction for effective living in the ‘now’ and in the immediate future. In fact, while the reputation of the ‘fortune teller’ has often been associated with scams, Psychics, as a collective, have positively impacted on many lives.

Many people rely on both Fortune Tellers and psychics for predictions about their future in regards to money, business, careers, romantic relationships and other areas. Some people entirely rely on these readings and predictions to plan their future actions. Both Phone Psychics and Fortune Tellers can offer their services through telephones. In either case, seekers should do thorough research to identify legitimate and authentic Fortune Tellers and Readers to avoid being conned.

Phone Psychics in Australia are expected to be members of the Psychic’s Association, which is a regulating body that ensures their practice is professional and legitimate. This is not always the case for Fortune Tellers as there are no professional bodies for them.

In a consultation with a Phone Psychic, expect to be asked a number of questions prior to an in-depth reading — as this assists the Reader in establishing a clear connection with your entirely unique energy field. In some cases, phone psychics can require that you send specific photos to enable them to connect with you. Phone Readings entail much more than a prediction into the immediate future, which is what Fortune Tellers do. As such psychic readings are more accurate and detailed than the average fortune prediction.

While the services of Fortune Tellers are strictly restricted to future predictions, a reputable Psychic Phone Service and website will often provide the client with access to a vast range of Meta-Physical Talent, including Mediums, Empaths, Energetic Healers, Clairvoyants, Tarot Practitioners — to list just a few.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact, when seeking a Reading that you, the client, possess free will to decide on the area of life you seek to examine, and the actions to take thereafter. Phone Psychics are often considered to have spiritually developed ‘listening skills’ that allow them to provide detail, accuracy and in-depth source-based guidance.

“Each soul in entering the material experience does so for those purposes of advancement towards that awareness of being fully conscious of the oneness with the Creative Forces.”~ Edgar Cayce

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