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Why a love reading is more than just a fairy tale

This blog is about Why a love reading is more than just a fairy tale

If you think about the fairy tale idea of going to a psychic to improve your romantic life, you might think of the doe-eyed girl, in love with the handsome knight, wanting to make him fall head over heels for her. She goes to the psychic and comes away with a love potion to ensure her future happiness and then they live happily ever after.

This however is definitely a fairy tale. While love readings are very real, they don’t quite work this way. Here are a few myths and truths about love readings in today’s modern age.

  1. You don’t have to be in love to benefit from a love

You don’t need to have someone in mind to come to a psychic for a love reading; you may not  even have an idea of a type of person, or type of relationship. You only have to be open to the idea of love.

Asking for a love reading from a talented and insightful psychic means that this person will work with you to figure out what it is you want, what you are doing now which may be holding you back, and what possibilities the future may hold for you. The psychic is skilled and experienced at gathering information from you to help you to identify what kind of love awaits for you, and how  to get there. Even if you come to us with no idea of what you are looking for, a good love reading will help you find it anyway.

  1. There is no such thing as a love

A love reading is not going to make you fall in love with anyone, or make anyone fall in love with you. But it can give you an openness and receptivity to love, and a confidence in your own needs and desires to help you ensure that you get what you deserve, and can remove barriers such as fear, rejection, and a lack of self-belief. The only love we can really guarantee you from one of our love readings is that if you are open to it; you can learn to love yourself.

  1. There is no doe-eyed girl or handsome

You and your partner, or future partner, are not storybook characters. A love reading will help you look inside yourself to figure out what is holding you back, and can give you some idea of changes you can make or ways that you can grow to feel love and happiness. This does not mean happily ever after. It means two real people coming together in a loving relationship, and bringing with them their own personalities, opinions, histories, hopes and dreams, and little annoying ways of doing things. A love reading can help you bend and mold your relationship as a living breathing thing to ensure that you both continue to work on it and help it to grow as you move forward.

I don’t mean to break your magic mirror, just help you look into it a little clearer, and then smile and get on with the practical reality of living. Love is not a fairy tale, it is real, and it is something that you can reach. Contact one of our experienced psychics today to find out how we can help you find love in this modern age.

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